The Blekinge Museum – A Trip Back In Time

The Blekinge Museum is a fantastic place to visit (free for children, and adults only need to pay in the summer months).  It can be found in the centre of Karlskrona, and although I was initially wondering whether my three would enjoy a trip there (indoor exhibitions are not really their thing), I was really pleasantly surprised. Although, after two years of living here I should be getting used to how the children are allowed to touch and interact with everything.  Photography that shows exhibits is limited to private use only, so my photos only show my children enjoying themselves, carefully excluding the museum’s pieces from the photos!!

The Blekinge Museum is all about Blekinge county in southern Sweden, from the ancient times (the county is full of iron age monuments and drawings), through to today.  It is home to a lot of archaeological finds, and details the area’s naval history as well.  We well and truly meandered and pottered around the exhibitions, but what was so nice was that in between and dispersed throughout, there were little activities aimed at the children, giving them a “break” from the more grown up stuff every so often.  It meant I got to have a good look at what I wanted to see without having to drag them round and bribe them. But they also got to play there, making it somewhere they would like to head back to again.  I only planned a couple of hours there, one inside and one outdoors (we’ll get to that part in a bit), treating it as a place we can dip in and out of as takes our fancy in the future.

The parts of the Blekinge Museum that are directed at children are an old fashioned play shop complete with scales, food, and till, fish and rods to play with, an indoor play farmhouse fully furnished. There are drawing and making tables…..2 of mine made masks and one coloured a diagram of an old historical ship. There is a reading area with comfy cosy cushions and a few games to try, and some puzzles. 

Then you can head outdoors as well to a lovely outdoor play area as part of the Blekinge Museum, which has a windmill, a boat shed, a stuga (hut), and a barn complete with horse and carriage.  There are lots of pots and pans, play food, plastic flowers, pretend fish etc to do role play with as well.  This museum is truly a haven for children as well as adults.

Höstlov At The Blekinge Museum:

There are lot of fun activities for children of all ages being put on for the week’s holiday.  I will summarise them below, but check The Blekinge Museum  website for further details.

  1. There is a mask making workshop
  2. You can build world heritage models
  3. Oriental crafts, games, and fun
  4. Bird and flower embroidery fun
  5. Make your own “Gribshund”
  6. Archaeology activities
  7. Stars and planet activity

The Blekinge museum is very laid back and is somewhere you can really enjoy, taking a relaxed tour around as a family.  My double trouble are a very active excitable pair, and they were just fine in there, and all three really enjoyed it and did not find the time we spent indoors boring at all.  I’m not sure we could have spent too much longer perusing the exhibition parts, but as it is free and they were not negative about the visit, I am sure we will be heading back there in the future.  That is the great thing about free places, you don’t feel you need to spend a lot of time in there to get the most out of it, but can just keep on returning as and when.  I would really recommend popping into the Blekinge Museum if you ever visit Blekinge in southern Sweden.

Don’t forget to head over to Visit Karlskrona Höstlovskul page to see what else is happening in Karlskrona during the holiday!

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  1. What a lovely museum! I love it when museums make a proper effort to engage kids with interactive elements, and this looks wonderful.

  2. It really does look great Sonia. I am hoping to take the kids to a few more museums this year in London. I am desperate to go to the Old Operating Theatre museum near London Bridge. Sweden looks like such a fab place to live.

    • Ooooo that sounds a really interesting place to go. With such good activities for children it makes going to these places so much easier

  3. It is so nice to visit such a place with the kids! There is always so much for them to learn! We went to a French one once and it was full of old things from the groceries. So refreshing from the modern high street

  4. I love that little old fashioned shop – it is too cute. It really does look like a brilliant little museum, plenty for the kids to do.

  5. Oh wow! This looks so cool. My kids would love exploring and all the activities.

  6. Jen

    It sounds brilliant! I usually find places that are free for children are usually not great for kids, but this sounds the opposite!

  7. Its perfect when the kids are encouraged to interact with the exhibitions, I really do think they learn so much more. It sounds like a great museum

  8. I love the interactive aspect of the exhibitions. We are big fans of museums, our favourite being the V&A in London. I wish we lived closer to this!

  9. Vicky

    Wow this place looks incredible. There’s so much to do and see there! Looks like a brilliant place to take the whole family

  10. this looks like a really good museum – it’s interesting the different approach to exhibits/handling objects in Sweden.
    All the interactive areas for the kids is a clever idea – it looks a good way to keep them engaged. I remember cash registers like that from my childhood – eek.

  11. This looks like a brilliant place to visit, I’d be in my element as I love a good old museum. We are off to the Black Country Museum i the Uk on Friday and I can’t wait. I love seeing how people used to live 🙂

  12. I love museums with lots of things for children to get involved in. – like this one. It really does help to keep their interests up. What a cute little shop

  13. A trip to any museum is a YES from me! I love learning about the places I visit and what better than its local museum!

  14. Clare Minall

    Wow, such a detailed post that would be so helpful to plan a great trip to the Blekinge Museum. Loving the pictures so much.

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