Submarines, Swimming Pools, & Our New Island Home.


Saturday morning and we decided to be tourists.  The museums of the county have been free for the whole year, so we were keen to take advantage, and headed towards the submarine museum.  This is a lovely building, and done really well with lots of interactive features for children (and buttons to press for twin 1, who if ever came across a big red button saying “do not press”, wouldn’t ever hesitate in pressing it immediately).  It is also a bit of home from home, having a submarine museum in the town we have just moved from in the UK.  One thing about Sweden is it doesn’t expect you to dress for the weather outside (8 degrees today and blowing a gale), and then lug all your outdoor gear around indoors.  All is very civilised, and you hang your coat up on the coat stand, and pop your packed lunches and overflowing day sacks into lockers.  Obviously in winter months, this system comes into its own, with freezing temperatures outdoors, and cosy ones indoors.  We spent a lovely relaxed three hours looking around.

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After our museum visit, we decided to leave the other sights on the little island, for another day (for example there is a longboat museum there too).  What we were keen to do is show the children their new soon-to-be home, so we headed out to the island it is on.  We drove around the island showing them the sights (they were pleased there was a restaurant serving pizza on the island), and they loved the house and garden, from the outside at least.  We then showed them where the förskola was (for the twins), and the main skola was for our little lady.  They just happen to be next door to each other, and both in lovely wooden buildings too (well a lot of the school is, with a bit of brick as well).  There was instant babble from the back of the car about how they would wave and shout to each other (what they hadn’t realised is that there is very little in the way of boundaries between the two, so we are not sure how segregated they would actually be).  The plan at the moment is, whilst the twins don’t need to go to förskola, as I am at home for them, they will do at least a couple of half days per week when places come up, to help them get into the swing of the language too.  All three couldn’t believe the amount of outdoor equipment, nearly equating to a full on park – swings, mini houses, slides, football goals etc and lots and lots and lots and lots (getting the idea??!!!!) of  outdoor space 🙂

In the evening I got down to business researching ballet classes (for our little lady and twin 1), modern and jazz for our little lady (she’ll have to go to the arts college), scouts (although we are looking at British Guides In Foreign Countries, we are also investigating Swedish Scouts as a possibility to immerse her into her Swedish contemporaries), and gymnastics (for our mini men).

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Sunday saw a day of torrential rain, so we decided to check out the local swimming pool, and what an experience!!  There are no limits on the amount of people in the pool, so consequently no waiting around.  The children’s pool and main pool are full of various floats of all shapes and sizes; there were boat ones that you could sit in, duck ones you could ride and many many more.  As well as this, in the main pool there were 3 different heights of diving boards, with no rules for entry in the pool – bombing, somersaults, belly flopping, diving, any which way goes!!  Our little lady had a go on the 1 metre springboard, before trying the 3 metre springboard.  Dadda was expecting to need to give her some encouragement, but to his complete surprise she walked to the end and leaped straight off!!!  Everyone had access to everything there, and the main thing was everyone enjoyed their time in the pool.  There are also no restrictions on how many children I can take in on my own either.  Also, it seems, as long as there are parents in the same room as the swimmers, albeit sat on loungers on the side fully dressed, that counts as having the parent present!  The one thing that our little lady struggled with was the changing area.  They are split, male and female, so when we arrived I sent the boys in with Dadda so he didn’t get away with a nice quiet changing time (!), and the little lady and I headed into the ladies’… off at the doorway and onto the shoe rack first though.  Once in there I plonked our things down on the bench and started changing, to which a little voice piped up, “but where are the individual rooms?”…..ah….welcome to Sweden hunny, where everyone’s in and out of the communal showers stark naked and then drying off in the open changing room!!!  Needless to say, it’s going to take a while for her to adjust as she did the whole Brit-on-a-beach wobbly changing under the towel routine!!

We finished the weekend off with another quick drive to recce the lekplats (playgrounds) that I had located on our island, so that I could then find them on my own (sense of direction not being my best talent!!).

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  1. Her great success at swimming lessons has definitely paid off. SO CONFIDENT. Loved the changing room story. I wish that I had seen her face. Just seen the photos of their new hats, they all look good. Warm and cosy. XXX

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