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img_0915Today all three were in school again for the morning, so after I’d driven and done the just over 2 hours it takes to do the shopping, I really felt the need to stretch my legs in the winter sunshine.  There’s the south west part of the island that is uninhabited, and a few weekends ago we’d tried to link up paths from the beach on the south part, to the south west part.  We had been thwarted, but I think had got very close to managing it.  I wasn’t sure about the route I was taking, so I really needed to head out without the children on this one so I didn’t make them walk in unnecessary circles!  I had 90 minutes before I had to collect our little lady (who finishes first today), so put my boots on, and joined the Swedish cult of power walking!!  It went really well, and I located the footpath through the woods, and did eventually manage to get out onto the peninsula we’d been heading for a few weekends ago.  On the way back, I did notice the path split the way I was going and then to the right as well, so it may well join up with the part we had been doing, and maybe we need to tackle it from the way I was coming from today.  I have been loving their short school days as it allows us lots of time together still, but when you’ve taken on a walk a little too far for the time available you realise just how short their day is….I was doing a hiking jog back to school to get there on time!  I had been rewarded though with some amazing views on the end of the peninsula, and some crystal clear icy cold water.  Walking through the woods it was so quiet.  Not a sound.  So peaceful.  I did stop to wonder how many moose and deer were possibly watching me!  The views were amazing, and now I can take the trio down that route.  There a couple more on the uninhabited west side that I need to investigate, and I think if the weather is ok, I may try on Thursday, but set off first thing so I’m not panicking about the distance to cover to get back to school!!  Solo hiking is something I am not used to either.  When the children were in school/preschool in the UK I had my lovely collie dog, Jack, with me, and it was so lovely just being the 2 of us sometimes.  Then since March there has always been children at home.  So having lost Jack after 12.5 years, and all children occupied this morning, it was a very strange experience to be on my own.  No responsibilities, quiet, but a little lonely.

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We have discovered from our little lady that now she has her library card the school are asking her to choose an english book she’d like to read, and then ordering it in for her brand new!  I can’t believe how much the school are doing for her, and looking after her so well.  She has chosen the first Harry Potter book, and she’s just finished the whole collection through for the first time and really enjoyed it.  We own from book 4 onwards, but not the first three.  So she’s asked them for that one.  Within 48 hours it had arrived, and she gets some time at school when she can read it.  Her class are fascinated by what she is reading and how she makes sense of all the words!  So, the school/island library will now be slowly building up an english written section!  Lets hope she chooses some good books in the future 🙂  It just makes us so happy, how much the school are doing for her and thinking about her, and helping her to feel settled and happy there.

Once we had all back home today, as seems to be happening frequently at the moment, the plans were cancelled.  This is because she was creating in her bedroom, and to my surprise the mini men were making things with pens and paper that involved writing their full names, and asking me to show them how to write other things.  It’s amazing to see them wanting to do this, and taking the initiative, so I am happy to cancel whatever I had in mind, and encourage it whenever it takes their fancy.  I’m pleased they can put pen to paper and write their letters, and their full names, and want to write more words….and all without a minute in school 😉  I caught them doing their own maths the other day too….mini man no.1 was trying to tidy up a number of little toys, and mini man no.2 was commenting along, “if you have 5 toys and I take 2 away, how many have you got now?”!!!!!  It made me chuckle so much, and it went on for quite a while too.  They wouldn’t have ejoye the formal education set up in the UK, but they have shown they are learning and doing just fine with the very ad hoc method we have got going on, as well as learning through their play, and most definitely through their tidying up!!!

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