Skåne’s Outdoor Viking Museum – Fotevikens Museum

Over the summer holidays, I took the trio over into Skåne county for a camping adventure.  While we were there we visited a fantastic outdoor viking museum, called Fotevikens Museum.  The viking museum is an open air museum, which is depicting how life could have been in a viking village.  It is so good for the children and their imagination because apart from usual exhibits, they have reconstructed a whole viking town, showing various different buildings.  As is common here in Sweden, a great importance is placed on being able to interact with the museum and exhibits, therefore climbing up stairs, exploring inside the buildings, and picking up exhibits to examine, is encouraged.  A perfect way for children to learn and remember their experience.


We arrived for when it opened, although as we have found over the past year of living here, nothing really seems to get too busy!  However, I wanted the children to be able to bimble around at their own pace, and not feel rushed.  I paid 110 sek for me (just over £10), and 40 sek (around £3.60) for the little lady, and my 5 year old twins were free.  I get quite excited about reasonable entrance fees to places, as to take a family of 5 anywhere usually costs a small fortune!  The children excitedly headed into the viking museum village under the town wall and through the gates, the village’s protection.

We saw and explored a lot of differing types of buildings.  There was a blacksmith’s, a poultry house, tanner’s home, the guard tower (which we climbed to the top of several times to enjoy a stunning view), fishery cottage, a smokehouse, lawman’s home, town hall, weaver’s house, and a baker’s home and bakery.  Not only could we explore these buildings in the viking museum, but there were people dressed authentically, working away in their respective trades.  So, for example, at the bakery they were baking various goods and you could taste them too.  If people didn’t have a trade, they were going about their village life…chopping fire wood, making clothes, or maintaining homes.  There was even a “punishment area” complete with stocks, and a post with neck weight and chain.
The trio had such an amazing time, full of questions, and letting their imaginations run riot!  I would really recommend this viking museum as a place to visit if you are ever over this way in the world 🙂 Even after living here for nearly a year, I am still amazed by the Swedish attitude that children should be allowed to touch, feel, and climb over everything.  Of course this is by far the best way for them to get the most out of an experience and create memories, but it is such a refreshing change of attitude to be able to live with on a daily basis!

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  1. I love these outdoor museums because they’re a fun day out, educational and help to bring history alive 🙂
    Helen recently posted…RECIPE: Spiced Caramel Feather CakeMy Profile

  2. how amazing does this look, I didn’t even know there was such a thing as a outdoor viking museum. Looks like theres lots for the kids to do and explore, which always makes for a fantastic day out. Great pics too.

  3. This looks like so much fun for young children – and brilliant for getting them out in the fresh air

  4. This sounds like an amazing place for children to visit – and how refreshing for them to be able to actually interact with everything, that really does seem to hold children’s interest better. We visited a Viking museum in Iceland but it was a bit boring for my little ones, lots of look at but not much to do. This would have been way more up their street!

  5. Looks like an interesting day out. I’m so glad the three of them had a lovely time too!

  6. What a fab place to visit, my three would love it there. The blue skies must have helped too 🙂

  7. What a wonderful way to explore how the Vikings lived and I love the fact that it is spread around outdoors.

  8. I so wish we had something like this here as it looks like so much fun
    Kara recently posted…Not to miss events in Dorset this February Half TermMy Profile

  9. I really enjoy these types of immersive Museums. We have a free one locally set up as if it was an old school. fantastic! (And a really good price)

  10. What a cool place to visit! Interactive, interesting and affordable. I like it a lot.
    I love the fact that kids have a freedom to explore the world the way they want, and they can themselves! x
    What Mum Loves recently posted…KIAN’S JANUARY 2018 FAVOURITESMy Profile

  11. I so wanna visit there. It sounds so good. We have a viking village in Dublin and I’m very tempted to take my son when we’re there next month, especially after reading your post!
    Cath – BattleMum recently posted…A Dragon Hunting Adventure at Castro MarimMy Profile

    • Oh do he’d love it! They are so good for the children as they are immersed in it and get the feel of life so much more and use their imaginations for the rest!

  12. Oh this looks fab! Definitely somewhere my history loving self and other half would love to take our boys 🙂
    Fi Ni Neachtain recently posted…Places I Long To See in the World ♥My Profile

  13. Oh wow! This looks fantastic – I’d have absolutely loved this as a kid. Right up my street.

  14. Wow I would LOVE to visit here and would have loved to when I was younger as well. It looks fantastic and what an amazingly reasonable entrance price. x

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