Skånes Djurpark – Meeting Nordic Animals

Skånes Djurpark is in southern Sweden.  If you are flying into Copenhagen for a break or holiday, it is only an hour’s drive over the bridge and into Sweden so it can be considered if you are in Sweden or Denmark.  Skånes Djurpark is filled to the brim with lovely things to see and do, but in a very laid back, uncluttered Swedish way.  It is a very relaxing place to spend the day.  We had been to zoos and animal parks in the UK, and whilst we have always had fun, we had also ended up walloped from the day!!  There is a very much laid back vibe about this beautiful place.  There is a children’s farmyard with farm animals such as goats and pigs, play areas, Shaun the sheep land, tractor driving, a water play area, pony riding, a poo hunt (perfect for helping you when you want to try a bit of animal tracking), restaurants, cafes, and unbelievable ice cream.  However, the main reason for us to visit was that Skånes Djurpark is home to nordic wild animals.  In other words, wildlife that lives around us here in Sweden.  These include bears, wolves, lynx, elk, wolverine, as well as seals, foxes, and wild boar.


Our Day At Skånes Djurpark

We went in armed with a map and a timetable of things that occurred throughout the day, such as feeding times etc.  We had no plans to attend everything on offer, but it meant we could dip in and out of things as they happened.  We were also excited because since it was good Friday, they had an Easter egg trail going on too…the first one we have come across since moving here over 2 years ago.  We started our day with the seals and wanted to attend the feed and chat with the seals too.  This is because, as they live and play mainly in the water, they would be easier to see when bribed out the water with some fish!!  We have not been able to see any seals yet on our travels around the archipelago islands and we were really excited about finally watching them.  We were not disappointed.  They were so lovely and graceful.  One even waved for her fish dinner 🙂

After the seals we headed off to see the foxes.  Their coats were really beautiful, and they looked so healthy.  Then it was on to the wolverines.  I have never seen a wolverine, and twin 2 fell instantly in love (maybe less so with their fish ice cream dinner though!!).  They were very different from anything we have seen before and beautiful too.  After the wolverines we headed off to watch the bears who captivated our hearts with their antics.  We spent a VERY long time watching the three happy bears and were so mesmerised we ended up having our packed lunch sitting on a grassy bank continuing to watch them.  They swam, splashed, chased each other, had a little swing on their tyre swing, play fought, climbed trees, and enjoyed immense back scratches.  They are very shy animals in the wild and tend to stay out of the way if they hear you coming first, so Skånes Djurpark was our best bet of being able to see them and they were beautiful creatures.

The wolves were next for us, and they were quite hard to see as they blended into their environment very well and didn’t really keep very still.  Wolves and bears are maybe the creatures I am most nervous about bumping into when we hike further north this summer.  In the UK we do not have larger predators like these and I am not used to having them as a point to consider in the back on my mind!!  There were too many animals to talk about all individually in this blog post, but the last one I want to mention is the lynx.  This again is quite shy in nature and although they live around us in our county in southern Sweden, in reality we have very little chance of spotting one.  I really wanted to see one up close and they are beautiful creatures.


We were by now about half way round the park and we came across the nature play trail.  A great long linear trail with obstacles of various kinds made from wood.  Our trio had great fun doing this trail while Dadda and I put our feet up for a little while on a bench enjoying the late April warm sunshine.  It was then on to animals such as elk, various deer breeds, buffalo (twin 1 fell in love with these), and musk ox.  One of my favourite animals is the elk, so about 50 photos later and a prolonged look at them, the other four finally managed to drag me away from these beautiful creatures and continue on through the park.

One of the features of the park is a tree top walk.  It is about 350m long, 9m up the air, rope bridge adventure.  You walk above the animal enclosures and get a great view of the park and animals from a different perspective.  After enjoying the tree top walk, we headed off down for a very well earned ice cream……very delicious flavours with every imaginable flavour of sprinkles and sauce to choose from to put on top…yummy!!  We were very lucky on the day of our trip as winter had decided to suddenly disappear to be replaced with spring and summer arriving all in one day it seemed (not unusual here, and we are slowly getting used to the sudden rapid changes of seasons!).  So the water play was being made use of a lot.  There were random jets to run and play in as well as a more toddler based area with shallow channels of water running through which they could play and experiment with.  There is also a water slide, but unfortunately this wasn’t open yet for the season.

There is also one more fantastic facility in this park that is an amazing opportunity, although we were not able to experience it this time.  They have “Camp Oak”.  This is a permeant tent camp that allows you to stay in the forest surrounded by the animals of the wilderness and have bears and wolves as your neighbours.  You get taught about campfires, take part in twilight animal feeding, enjoy an evening campfire, and feed the bears their breakfast.  A truly wonderful experience to be part of if you do it.

The park was so beautiful and very well looked after, and the animals looked very healthy too.  There were lots of clean toilets, cafes and restaurants, and of course a shop.  There are many areas to eat your picnic and of course we are in Sweden so there are plenty of places throughout the park to light your own grills and cook your food of choice.

Although pricey (tell me somewhere that is not when you are a family of 5!!), I would thoroughly recommend a trip to Skånes Djurpark.  I loved being able to see the wildlife up close that is hiding all around us here in Sweden’s nature.  It made me appreciate the variety and size of the wildlife…..nothing in the UK can really compare to a huge brown bear!!

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