Räntemåla Gård Älg Park – See the Beautiful Elk.

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Räntemåla Gård Älg Park is a haven for älg, each with their own story to tell.  The älg (elk/moose) are very shy creatures, and despite me coming backwards and forwards to Scandinavia regularly for over 40 years now, I had never managed to see one of these beautiful animals.  Even though we are out in nature a lot, and hiking off the beaten trail, the experience had alluded me.  Räntemåla Gård Älg Park, offers visitors the opportunity to see these stunning animals in their natural environment.

Älg first appeared on Räntemåla Gård Älg Park back in 1996, when an abandoned calf, called Helga, (they all have names), was found in a paddock and eventually made his home on the farm.  There are many tales to tell behind the reasons for each älg being there, and they are so fun to listen too.  There has even been an escapee, leaping over the fence, only to find that he returned during hunting season to never leave again….he wasn’t keen on hunting season!!

We headed up to Räntemåla Gård Älg Park one late summer’s afternoon.  You need to check the website for opening times and months of the year.  They work around the älg life.  They like to eat in the late afternoon, hence the farm being open to visitors then, as you will see them.  They know where there is good, easy, food and head up to the meadow to get some.  It also closes to the public before the summer is finished, as although these lovely creatures are very tame (and we got lots of opportunity to stroke and feed them) they are still wild animals.  Come September the males will be looking to mate and will become aggressive.  In order to prevent anyone getting hurt, they close the farm to the public well in advance to prevent any randy älg causing havoc.


I totally and utterly fell in love with these beautiful animals, and it is safe to say I am now totally besotted with them!  We fed them bread (even bananas to one cheeky bull), and stroked their velvety antlers.  We rubbed their noses, and had a little chuckle about their gangly legs and interactions with each other.  They are amusing to watch together.  The farm owners did a very informative background chat, which was also funny, and we learnt so much.  It was very hands on and a very close up experience.  I would recommend it to anyone as a way to see these very shy, but lovely animals.  Our three were speechless, in awe, and although nervous at first, they were keen to get touching and stroking once they got used to their presence and size.  It was so lovely for them.

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  1. They are cute! Their furry antlers are the best, it makes you just want to touch them. What a great experience

    • They were beautiful, if not slightly strange looking. Still not sure how I’d react meeting a herd of them in the woods!!

  2. How wonderful to be able to interact with them in a respectful environment. Love the story of the escapee. A wise beast indeed. #CountryKids

  3. Oh what beautiful animals the älg are and how wonderful to be able to see them up close and be able to stroke them. I love the story of the escapee returning during hunting season – I can imagine that hunting season can’t be that much fun for an älg! #countrykids

  4. What beautiful creatures, I’m sure your lot loved meeting the Alg such an unusual activity. They really are huge, much bigger than the fallow deer we have here on the farm. It’s great that it was such an eductional experience for you all too, the kids look like they loved it, I’m sure they can’t wait to go back for another visit.

    Thanks for linking up with me on #CountryKids.

    • They were really huge and I think I’d still be quite scared to meet one on a hike!! But they are beautiful 🙂

  5. Such a great experience. We went to a place where you could see Elk and bison up close here in the US and hand feed them. We also saw some at Yellowstone. They truly are magnificent creatures. #countrykids

  6. I love moose too! This goes back to our holiday in Alaska, many years ago, to attend a friend’s wedding. Funnily enough we also spotted moose in Norway while on our camper van trip in 2010, but never in Sweden – only on the road signs!

    • You are so lucky!! I’ve never seen one totally in the wild despite spending so much time in Scandinavia. I do really love this creatures though, so beautiful!

  7. What beautiful creatures to be able to get up close to, a real treat #CountryKids

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