Lyckå Slott – A Reminder Of Blekinge’s Danish Era

Lyckå slottsruin is a medieval reminder that this southern county of Sweden, Blekinge, has not always belonged to the Swedish, but the Danes were once in possession of the land.  What you can visit today and see are the original outer walls of the ground floor and the foundations of the two corner towers.

Lyckå slott was built between 1545 to 1560, and was a Danish border castle on the most eastern part of Denmark as a defence against Sweden.  The castle did not  have a very long life as in 1601 it was decided the Danes would fortify a town called Kristianopel, but wanted to use the materials from Lyckå slott.  So, it was burnt down and had canon balls thrown at it to demolish it.  It just goes to show how sturdy it was with the amount that remained intact.  In 2014 there was some work done on the ruins to preserve what was left, as it has big historical importance.

We arrived at Lyckå slott to find we had the place to ourselves, and although it is something that only takes a short while to walk around, you need to leave ample time for your children to play there.  There is lots of fun to be hand clambering over the walls, running round the outside, and inventing lots of imaginative games.  In the depths of winter, as was our visit, there was lots of play time allowed, but perhaps not as much as if we had visited in warmer weather when I could have relaxed on the grass listening to their games!

Our three really enjoyed their time there, and I find they get so much more out of places and remember it better when they are able to run freely, touch, and use a whole host of senses to experience a place, rather than visit it in a clinical manner.  We have now discovered and been to another local place of interest as we learn more about the area we are living in.

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  1. What a magical place to explore it looks so enchanting covered in snow!

  2. Oh I love places like this! Anytime medieval is fascinating, and your photos are fab!
    Laura Dove recently posted…My top 6 Spring essentialsMy Profile

  3. This place looks amazing. I can see you all had a lovely time exploring.

  4. it looks like a great day out. I love to travel and explore different places with the children. Lovely photos 🙂

  5. What an interesting place to visit – it must be a lot of fun living somewhere different and getting to explore new places. I agree that hands on learning and letting kids run around is a great way for them to engage and enjoy visiting somewhere new, I find it holds my boys attention a lot better.

  6. This sounds like a great place for kids to enjoy and explore. Our son would have to do a dragon hunt there! Grwat to learn new things about the areas we live in or bear. We’ve so much still explore in the Algarve x

  7. such beautiful scenery. i don’t know much about the danish era and this post has been educational.
    the kids looked like they enjoyed themselves in the process

  8. It looks amazing! I love visiting places from history with ruins – and our boys love them too!

  9. What a beautiful place to explore! That setting would certainly peak my son’s interest and lead to a lot of imaginative play. #countrykids

  10. That looks like a great place to visit. I can imagine your kids having a fab time exploring. #CountryKids
    Kim Carberry recently posted…Tigers, The Greatest Showman and Easter bonnets – Week 13. #Project365My Profile

  11. This looks amazing and looks like the little ones loved it too 🙂 Love historical places like this one. We’ve never been to Sweden. Would love to visit. #countrykids.

  12. This really is the best way to learn and discover history. I do like how you give them the time to fully explore and peer into all the nooks and crannies of the walls. It looks full of intrigue especially with a covering of snow!

    Happy Easter to you all and thank you for sharing with me on #CountryKids
    Fiona Cambouropoulos recently posted…Country Kids 31st March 2018My Profile

  13. It looks like such an interesting place to explore with kids! #CountryKids

  14. Ruined castles are such interesting places to explore and this one looks so pretty covered in snow. I can imagine that allowing time for the children to fully explore and play around the ruins is a little easier to do in the warmer weather but it certainly looks like they had a wonderful time doing so on your visit 🙂 #countrykids

  15. This looks so rustic in the snow. I love how old building have remained, I dont think modern buildings will remain so I tact! What fab place for the kids to explore. You’ll have to go back in the summer for that lay in the grass! -#countrykids

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