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We are lucky enough to live in southern Sweden.  Blekinge, our part of Sweden, has an archipelago made up of 1650 islands, skerries, and islets.  With the great transport system of archipelago boats, and county buses (we moved from the UK where buses were a little hit and miss!!), exploring the archipelago is very easy.  We started exploring our archipelago a little last spring and summer, but this year, with a little more research, we are going to go on a journey of discovery.  We will explore the archipelago looking at the background, how to get there, what to see and do, where to eat, and where to stay for each place we visit.  We would like to take you with us on this adventure via the blog, and you never know you may well find yourself booking a trip to discover this small part of the world 🙂  Enjoy the adventure with us….fourth up is the island of Långören.

Background Information About Långören

This is the most eastern island in the Blekinge archipelago.  It has a historical tradition of being home to marine station pilots and fishermen, from about 1750.  The pilots would guide both civil and military vessels, until the station shut in 1960.  The pilot station on Långören was responsible for the other pilot stations around the archipelago islands.  The island is very flat and at risk from rising sea waters.

Our Adventure To Långören

The day we chose for our adventure the weather was not the best, but at least it was dry. We caught the boat from Torhamn, and it was a very small one due to the jetty for the larger archipelago boat being under repair.  However, the children loved it and didn’t even mind bouncing around the sea in the gusty winds!

I had decided to base our day around the nature/culture trail.  The island is very small (the 2.5km trail route covers most of it), but due to it being out of season we only had one boat option to get there, and one to get home, leaving us 6 hours on the island.  I also knew there would be no shops/cafe for hiding in, eating, drinking, or warming up, so we took EVERYTHING!  We started the trail at the Pilot House and the children loved this.  The side that is not the youth hostel was open for us to just wander in and look inside at our own risk.  A few rickety narrow staircases later, and we were emerging at the top, taking in the views.  Even on a foggy day, they were impressive.  You can lift the hatch and walk onto the roof, but we had very strong winds and with the three children I decided we could look from the high windows.

We were then out into the elements for the rest of the day looking at points of interest that ranged from medieval times to World War 2.  The children love the old bunkers, so we stopped and made our lunch cooking spot sheltered behind one from the strong winds.  They explored, built a den, and climbed while I cooked some food from my outdoor recipes.  We used our hobo stove for cooking as there are no fire pits around this island to cook safely on.  The sun even popped out for about 10 minutes. 

After lunch we flew our kites.  I had packed them as a bit of a time filler, but they were perfect due to windy weather.  Twin 1 found them very amusing and didn’t stop laughing the whole time they were flying them.  They really enjoyed doing this, and it made being so exposed in the elements for 6 hours much more fun 🙂

After this interlude it was time to complete the trail to make sure we didn’t miss the one and only boat back to the main land.  There are a few summer homes on the island but there is nothing else, and we didn’t want to be stranded there!

How To Get To Långören

The archipelago boats run to the island throughout the summer season.  You can either take the boat from Karlskrona town centre, or catch one from Torhamn.

What To See And Do On Långören

  1. Nature and culture trail:  This is a 2.5km route through the village and countryside of the island.  It takes in ruins from medieval times between 500-600 years ago, as well as World War 2 fortifications.  There are signposts along the route detailing what you can see, and you can collect a paper guide from either the harbour or the Pilot House.
  2. There is a very small exhibition about the history of the island at the Pilot House, but you can also go up to the top of the tower and take in the surrounding views.  These are stunning (especially on a sunny day) as the nearby islands are so low lying as well you can see for miles.
  3. The island is abundant with wildlife so there is plenty of spotting to be done.
  4. There is a lovely small chapel to take a peek inside and stop for a quiet moment.
  5. You can rent kayaks from the cafe so you can explore the waters surrounding the island.

Where To Eat On Långören

There is a coffee shop which is seasonal, so do not rely on it as your sole supply of refreshments. It is usually only open throughout July.  There you can find homemade cakes, soups, and ice creams, while enjoying a very natural and unspoilt view.  It is housed in a historical building.

Where To Stay On Långören

Part of the Pilot House is a hostel.  Check the website for details on how to book, prices, and what you need to bring along with you.

This island is definitely somewhere to head to if you want to get away from it all as there are no distractions.  Just gorgeous Swedish scenery, simple living, and nature.  If you are content just being, choose a nice day and head out to it for a good dose of calm, peace, and tranquillity.  Just remember to take your refreshment supplies for the day!!Discover Långören, Langoren, Blekinge, Sweden, archipelago,

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