Långasjönäs Naturreservat – Lakes & Woodlands

Långasjönäs Naturreservat is inland from the coast.  This gives it a little more protection from the elements compared to the archipelago areas of Blekinge county in southern Sweden. It consists of around 10 lakes dotted around woodlands, making the scenery and landscape views very beautiful.  The largest lake, Långasjönäs, has sandy beaches and beautiful clear waters making it the perfect place to spend a summers day.  

There are lots of trails; hiking, skiing, and running.  They are well signposted, marked en route, and there is a variety of lengths as well.  Långasjönäs naturreservat also has a lot of lovely fire pits so you can cook on a camp fire.  Many have shelters too and a supply of wood.  There are even quite a few toilets dotted around (of the non flushing variety!).  The fishing is said to be good in these lakes, but make sure you check license requirements before you do it.  There is even a sauna on the nature reserve.

In the southern part of Långasjönäs naturreservat there are remnants of where it used to be part of two estates in the form of some interesting ruins.  You can meander round and explore these imagining what used to be there.

Our Adventure to Långasjönäs Naturreservat:

We headed off to the nature reserve in the depths of winter planning to hike a trail, eat on a campfire halfway round, and then head off to look at the paper mill ruin afterwards.  I carefully selected a trail with a distance I knew the trio could do, but that also had a fire pit placed at around the half way mark.  So, off we set.  Hiking with children can require patience at the best of times, but on this particular day the mini men chose to lug around a few extra items with them, causing progress to be rather slow.  Whilst being with children often reminds us to go slower and live in the moment, I do spend some of our hikes worrying we will actually complete them in the day light, especially in winter!!  Twin one had found a massive tree branch he wanted to drag, and twin 2 found something resembling the size and shape of a Christmas tree that had fallen off a bigger pine in the high winds the day before.  I always find it amazing how they can struggle with a light day sack, but will willingly add half a tree to their load….go figure!!  

We found our fire pit which had a lovely view over a lake, and a nice shelter with some benches in as well.  A very civilised place for a camp fire.  We cooked pizza wraps and toffee apples which were devoured by three hungry mini hikers.  We didn’t stop for such a long play with lunch as the wind was making the already minus temperature seem even colder so everyone was keen to get walking again.

We slowly finished the hike with the sun almost touching the horizon, and headed back to the car.  We drove to the southern end of the reserve to have a quick scout of the paper mill ruin.  The paper mill has suffered from many fires and was in use until 1919.  The ruins today are left from a building built in 1857.  The trio enjoyed exploring round it, looking at the water flowing, and running in and out of it’s walls.

Långasjönäs is a beautiful nature reserve in the heart of Blekinge.  You can easily spend a whole day hiking a very long way around it’s longer trails, or take a quick stroll around a lake, with many alternatives in between.  The views are beautiful and the ruins in the southern part are great for little people to explore.  Now all we need to do is come back in the summer and swim in the clear waters of lake Långasjönäs!

Långasjönäs naturreservat - Lakes & woodland, Långasjönäs, Blekinge, Sweden, www.mammasschool.co.uk

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  1. Lovely post Sonia! Fantastic photos and a really well written post.

    Well done for hiking with the kids and motivating them to do so, its definitely challenging looking after little ones!

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