Kristianopel – 7 Things To Do

Kristianopel is a small town right on the south eastern edge of the southern Swedish county of Blekinge.  Kristianopel is quaint and beautiful.  In the summer it has fragrant rambling roses, wandering tourists exploring, and boats bobbing in the harbour.  There are beautiful wooden Swedish houses to look at, and some are quite ornate as they are old.  Kristianopel was once under Danish rule until it became Swedish again in 1677.  Kristianopel’s historical past is clearly visible with the now ornamental canons and mix of both Danish and Swedish flags flying.

7 Things To Do In Kristianopel:

  1. Visit the castle ruin at the north of the town:  This was built in 1599, and whilst it is quite small it is a great place for children to run around and explore.  It also has some beautiful views to take in, maybe while eating a picnic there.  It is free to visit.
  2. Have a Swedish fika at cafe Sött & Salt:  This is a very cosy cafe with a vast array of extremely tasty treats.  Whether you want a large salad brimming with prawns or one of their tasty cakes, you will not be disappointed.  Especially with their selection of tasty baked goodies…it is vast!
  3. Walk the town walls: These used to be 9m high until the stone was used to build the city of Karlskrona.  You can walk the perimeter of the town on top of the walls, a perfect place to get a good view of not only the town but the panoramic vistas out to sea.  It is a lot of fun for children to do as well.
  4. Swim in the sea and play on the beach:. There are many places to swim around Kristianopel that are both clean and safe.  There is also a very lovely sandy cove-like beach for playing on and long jetties for leaping into the refreshing sea water.
  5. Wander the narrow old streets:. Kristianopel is not a big place so this is not a long trek, but more of an enjoyable slow amble.  There are many beautiful old wooden Swedish homes as well as beautiful fragrant roses to smell.
  6. Visit Kristianopel church:. This is built in the nordic renaissance style.  Building commenced in 1618 and was completed in 1624.  It is truly stunning inside.
  7. Visit Brömsebro Fredsstenen:  About a 10 minute drive north of Kristianopel there is a large peace stone erected.  It signalled the end of a local conflict that was part of the larger 30 years war between Sweden and Denmark.  This is free to visit.


Kristianopel is only a small (but gorgeous) town, so one day is plenty to explore it.  However, if you want to take life in the slow lane for a few days in a beautiful Swedish town there are some accommodation options too.  You can book your tent, motorhome, or caravan onto the campsite. You can also rent stugas (little huts) here as well.  You have also got the options of Kristianopel’s Pensionat or a beautiful bed and breakfast at Kristianopel’s Gästgiveri.  If you want to know more about the historical history of Kristianopel you can book a guided tour.

Kristianopel really is a hidden gem in Sweden, and a perfect place to while away a summer’s day, with beautiful views, tasty food, and an interesting history.

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