Karlskrona Marinmuseum – Discover Swedish Naval History

Karlskrona Marinmuseum offers an in depth look at Swedish naval history.  The museum is currently free, and is well worth a visit if you are in Karlskrona, in Southern Sweden.  It is housed in a lovely building, and done really well with lots of interactive features for children (and buttons to press for twin 1, who if he ever came across a big red button saying “do not press”, wouldn’t ever hesitate in pressing it immediately).  We spent a lovely relaxed three hours there.  However, being free you can dip in and out of it if you have less time available, or you can spend more time there.  There are usually extra activities for the children to do, especially in school holidays, and so many interactive things that you could easily spend longer on them.  There is even an app to guide you around!

So first up on our visit to the Marinmuseum, and the highlight for my three, was the submarine Neptune in the submarine hall.  As well as the exhibition and information around the walls of the submarine hall to look at, read, and interact with, you can get on board Neptune, and have a good look around it.  There is lots for children to touch, press, and generally fiddle with, to get a feel for what life on board this vessel would have been like.  Neptune was the first submarine controlled and managed by computers, and the first with swim out tubes to sneakily launch torpedoes.  Alongside the large Neptune submarine is a smaller one to see as well, Hajen, which was Sweden’s first ever submarine. The sensory impact of the submarine on our three little people is something I would struggle to get across in photos.  Twin 1 was “ahhhhing” continuously, twin 2 was running around saying “mamma look” all the time, and the little lady had her camera pointed at anything and everything!  There is so much for them to do that is hands on.  Interactive screens, clambering all over the submarine and sitting and operating it, as well as being able to touch everything.  It is a child’s perfect museum!

After we had looked at the submarines we moved onto the naval history part of the Marrinmuseum.  Karlskrona has a long maritime history and its shipbuilding techniques have been innovative and world leading.  Again there is lots to do in this part of the Marinmuseum for little hands and fingers.  They are so adept at holding children’s interest.

After viewing all the exhibits in the Marinmuseum, it was time for us to head to the children’s play area.  Dunder’s deck is a place to explore and challenge.  There is problem solving to be done, games, quizzes, radio messaging, or a free play area.  All three of mine were enthralled and could have played for hours.  You do need to be watching your children, but it is a good place to sit and take a breather as a parent and just let them play.

Höstlov At The Marinmuseum:

The autumn holiday is looming and there is so much on at the Marinmuseum to do with your little people.  You can find out more on their website’s calendar, but I will summarise what you can expect.

  1. Book presentation
  2. Activity quizzes for different age groups
  3. Craft in the crafting room (underwater world of the world heritage underneath)
  4. Make a seaman’s knot for a keyring
  5. Story telling

There is so much to do here for children of all ages, that I would just keep popping in all week long!!!

For more ideas on what’s on in Karlskrona for höstlov, go to the Visit Karlskrona höstlovskul page where there is so much information.  Lots of fun activities for everyone all over town.

Good To Know:

  1. Entrance is free!!!!!
  2. There is lots of parking around (you pay but it is very reasonable)
  3. You can bring your own food. Despite having a restaurant, there is a room available for you to eat your own food in.  It has nice tables and chairs and even microwaves!

The Marinmuseum is a very special place that has managed to appeal to all age ranges.  There is a lot to see and do there, as well as then relax with a coffee, cake, or some food.  There are so many extra small touches that make a world of difference as well.  Such as a spacious cloakroom to hang all that outdoor gear to save lugging it around.  A place where you can eat your own food.  You do not need to eat only what can be bought on the premises.  You can eat at a lovely area complete with microwaves.

This Marinmuseum is a very well thought out place, with so much to do for everyone of all different ages.

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*******I have been paid to write this post but all opinions are honest and all words are my own************************




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  1. Nevermind kids, I’d love to visit that museum. I love all things maritime as my uncles were in the British Navy so it sounds like my kind of place. Good that they have made it interactive for kids with buttons to press. My son would have to do them all!

  2. Dot

    Enjoyed your blog. Must visit the museum with you all. Our previous visit was very brief. We only had time to look around the entrance hall.

  3. Wow, that looks like a huge museum. I love how interactive it is. I think it makes all the difference when children can get up close and personal with exhibits. Somehow the information really sticks when you are hands on.

  4. What an interesting place to visit. Being hands on is even better as lots of museums are a hands off approach which can make it boring for the kiddies.

    • It does seem to be a thing here in Sweden though, allowing them a lot more interaction with everything. Accepting the fact that children need and want to touch everything, and get the most out of something that way

  5. Looks like a great, interest museum. So good that it’s free and that you can bring your own food too

  6. This looks so interesting! I can’t wait to take my boy to things like this! He’s only 9 months atm but when he takes an interest in things it’ll be so exciting!
    Much love, Caitylis x x

  7. What an amazing experience! I love the sound of the childrens area too to keep them all really engaged! x

  8. That looks like a great museum to wander around with lots to see. I know my grandsons would love to be able to go inside the Neptune submarine but I’m not sure if I’d want to go down into a submarine they look quite small inside 😉

  9. I love how interactive the exhibitions are, looks like an amazing and educational visit to have on our list of things to do fora future visit. Thanks for sharing!

  10. That looks amazing, and free to enter? How fantastic.

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