Freezing Hikes and Birthdays

img_0582 img_0583 img_0584On Saturdays it seems we have now got into a bit of a little rhythm.  The mini men have an hours gymnastics just 100m from our house, while us girls play, or as was the case this weekend, quickly wrap birthday presents and bake surprise birthday cakes for the next day!  We then head out for a family hike for a few hours, often taking Dadda to see what discoveries we have made in the week.  This Saturday, we headed back to the north east corner where we’d been on Friday.  After we’d shown him where we’d walked the day before, we headed down the east side of the island southwards following a footpath to see where it would go.  I have got three different maps, none of which have all the footpaths on, so I’ve mapped all of them onto a master map.  However, it seems the Swedes like surprises, and even using three maps, I have by no means got all the footpaths mapped.  Therefore, we head out on these walks with a basic route planned, and then try and map any new paths we find as we go along, or remember a path disappearing off in the distance to return back to, in order to explore and map that!  I hope one day to have made a more comprehensive map of the island and how it can be explored on foot as it is truly beautiful.

img_0581 img_0580 img_0579

I love that all three of our little people are happiest outdoors and exploring, and don’t seem to find a 2 hour hike tedious at all.  They seek out lots of fun things to do on the way (and I always have an emergency stash of sweet treats hidden in case morale does dip!).


img_0591Sunday was our mini mens 5th birthday…they arrived with a bang, 5 weeks early, 5 years ago and have kept us on our toes ever since!  They are very loving, kind, hugely energetic, and a very cheeky pair of monkeys!!!  For their presents this year, amongst other things, they received snow suits, and bikes….so on a day when the temperature was -8 degrees and ice was thick, we wrapped them up in oversized snowsuits and taught them to ride a bike 🙂  They were very gun ho, pedalling off as fast as they could, leaving Dadda and myself running down the road after them.  They did so well, so they seem to be able to balance we just need to teach them to start now (they were braking, but it was on ice so there were a few skids that sent them flying).  We popped up to the pizza restaurant for a pizza buffet lunch, before heading back home for birthday cake and a movie.  They have had a lovely day, constructing lots of Lego, reading new books, and learning to ride bikes.  I can’t believe they are five.  The years fly by when children are little anyway, but I have find it’s gone in an even faster blur with the twins as I have had no time to breathe!  Tomorrow is the start of a new week, and the little lady will head back into school, this time for a full week.

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