Our First Summer in Sweden-The Blog Returns :-)

Good morning!!!  So the loony trio have returned back to school in Sweden, full of smiles and giggles…..the little lady at the age of 9 heads into year 3, and her first proper start of the swedish school year, and the mini men start their förskola klass which is 5 mornings a week….I feel like I don’t whats hit me after nearly six years of 24/7 double trouble!

This dangerous few free hours every morning has allowed me to think, in which direction I wanted to head with my blog.  I have come to the conclusion that it will return, but on very different terms. My terms, not the numbers game terms of “getting you blog out there”, and everything associated with that.  Life here in Sweden, and our big move here to Sweden, was all about adopting their way of living, and their slower paced, more nature loving way of living.  I felt my work on the blog was contradicting this and I was drifting away from the original reasons I started it, and I do love writing it when the reasons for doing so are right.  The blog is supposed to be all about trying to inspire people to reach for your dreams, get outside in nature, and educating children outside the box.  So, with that in mind, I will now be posting just twice a week, on a Tuesday and Thursday.  However, over on instagram we are making full use of the insta stories function almost on a daily basis and doing daily “mini blogs” with our photos….so head over to https://www.instagram.com/mammasschool/to follow us on our one big Swedish adventure and see what we get up to.  The stories only stay on there for 24 hours. We will also still share our instagram photos over on the facebook page too, so you can follow there as well https://www.facebook.com/Mammas-School-1078629212158924/

We’ve had an amazing 10 weeks of summer holidays here in Sweden, exploring our new home.  We have camped, visited outdoor viking museums, had many boat trips around our archipelago (including one with a friend we have made on the island, in his own boat).  We’ve hiked loads, eaten lots of smokey fire pit food, geocached, hidden our own geocache, made LOTS of various fruit wines (and food), been to our first music festival, taken a trip up the west coast, finally managed to stop the ice cream van (those that visited and live here will know what a challenge that is), I’ve repainted our cabin (a whole new lesson and steep learning curve in maintaining wooden living areas), grown, foraged, and picked lots of food, and celebrated midsummer’s in great style!  We have been fortunate enough to see the coming and going of four sets of visitors too, and spent some really treasured times with these family and close friends.  We hope they will return again.  So, adieu until Tuesday, and I will leave you with “Our Summer in Photos”….enjoy 🙂


Goodbye For Now….Taking a Break From Blogging


Wild Camping with Children in Sweden.


  1. Great to see you back! What a great summer you had. Look forward to reading your posts again

    • Thankyou!! Our discussion had a lot to do with it, and just taking it a lot slower now 🙂 Hopefully you will enjoy them more as you can now relate to them!xx

  2. Sofie

    I love to read about your adventures in Sweden. I am from Stockholm, but my parents moved to Karlskrona about ten years ago. I moved from Sweden to the US, so I think it is fun to see how you like Sweden, I love it too. This summer me and the kids did some of your adventures, we went to Ales stenar and Kunga graven. I would love to see where in Sweden you go, so fun with new ideas.

    • I’m so glad you got to see some of the places! We love your beautiful country here, and I guess you must miss it too when in the US. Thankyou for reading and I hope you’ll continue enjoying reading about our adventures 🙂

  3. John Hagger

    You’re back! I’m going to enjoy these again. Thanks for posting.
    John x

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