Exploring-Adventuring Over to the Uninhabited Side of our Island

Exploring wild and rugged Sweden Swedish wildlife hiking in Sweden www.mammasschool.co.ukThe west side of our island is uninhabited.  We have been exploring and ventured around it, and have hiked most it.  However, the northern most tip on the west side has been inaccessible until now.  When we tried last time, back in the early winter, we ended up being halted due to high reeds we couldn’t push through, and sea water cutting us off.  However, I noticed on a walk last week on the eastern side of the island, that the reeds are now flattened, and the sea has retreated somewhat.  Having not lived here for long, I’m not sure if the reeds flattening are a natural occurrence (probably, with the snow and ice), or some sort of land management (unlikely over here as it is very remote and Sweden likes leaving things to nature!).  Also, we aren’t used to the fjords and the water levels and timetables yet.  So, it may be that this happens every spring.  The twins needed walking and exercising, and it was a beautiful day with the promise that spring was now finally on its way.  So, a perfect day for an adventure!

I packed up my two elk deterrents (my twins are so noisy when we are out walking, that we’ve no chance of seeing these shy creatures with them!), and we headed out for the morning.  The views are stunning, and the variety of bird life is amazing.  The boys quickly found things to do along the walk to make it more fun for them.  They climbed rocks and found pools of water to investigate.  The footpath ended long before we reached our destination, so we worked together to find the best routes over boulders, round bogs and through dense trees.

My trio have a habit of collecting an awful lot of things while we are out hiking, and today was no different.  We end up with a lot of sticks, stones, leaves and feathers, but we have recently started collecting animal bones too (oh nice, I hear you say?!).  This actually has its benefits for us.  We are now using our growing collection (4) to learn about the various animal skeletons, and how they differ.  On the down side, the work surface in my laundry room is turning into a skeletal nature display table!  Today was no different and there were 2 skulls as our treasure finds.

We had a great explore around this part of the island, before heading back, but deciding that we needed to bring our little lady and Dadda out here while the vegetation and water allowed us to hike round these parts.  I love taking the children out hiking in Sweden.  It really is very wild, isolated, and rugged.  Nature is left to its own devices, and whilst there may not be a cafe or pub en route, or even a footpath, it’s good to be so immersed in nature.




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  1. Wow! What a gorgeous landscape you have to explore xx

  2. wow what amazing scenery! You have some proper little explorers there! x

  3. just wow at your finds – they’re amazing! Such a beautiful place

  4. WOW…it must be amazing to have somewhere like this to explore right on your doorstep. Looks beautiful xx

  5. Wow, so isolated and rugged- how perfect!

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