Discover Tjärö – Take A 12m Leap Of Faith!

We are lucky enough to live in southern Sweden.  Blekinge, our part of Sweden, has an archipelago made up of 1650 islands, skerries, and islets.  With the great transport system of archipelago boats, and county buses (we moved from the UK where buses were a little hit and miss!!), exploring the archipelago is very easy.  We started exploring our archipelago a little last spring and summer, but this year, with a little more research, we are going to go on a journey of discovery.  We will explore the archipelago looking at the background, how to get there, what to see and do, where to eat, and where to stay for each place we visit.  We would like to take you with us on this adventure via the blog, and you never know you may well find yourself booking a trip to discover this small part of the world 🙂  Enjoy the adventure with us….sixteenth up is the island of Tjärö and it was our final island adventure of the summer….a fantastic one as well to finish up with.

Background Information About Tjärö

This lovely beautiful island was inhabited as early as the bronze age, it had a farm registered on the land registry in the 17th century, and from then on the population gradually increased.  Unfortunately after it reached its peak, the population began to decline again until in 1939 there was only 1 person left on Tjärö.  It has since changed hands a few times, but in 2016 lots of hard work was undertaken to install new facilities so people could come and enjoy the island, its amazing and unspoilt scenery, rocky beaches, meadows, and forests.  The charming old houses and cottages are now restored and rented out to visitors.  There is lots of wildlife to see here as well as grazing cattle.

Our Adventure To Tjärö

This was going to be a family trip with all five of us, due to there being a HUGE cliff jump into the sea that could be done on this island, and only Dadda was brave, or mad, enough to think of doing it!!  We caught the ferry from Järnavik which was closer to home.  It was a lovely boat, but could only take 51 passengers.  It was by now peak summer season and there was a queue which we joined 20 minutes before departure and we were numbers 37-41 to board the boat, so it paid to get there a little early.

The scenery around where this island is situated is a little different from where we have been exploring.  It is much more dramatic with its rocky cliffs rather than being flat and low lying.  The area is truly beautiful and even more so on a sunny, blue skied, summers day!  We pulled into the marina of the island at the end of a very long jetty where many private boats were moored on either side.  This made a very interesting walk up the jetty from one end to the other as we had a good old nosy inside everyone’s beautiful vessels!!

Our plan for the day was to hike one end of the island and then make a base for a few hours so we could swim and relax.  Then we were going to head over to the cliff with the notorious huge jumping spot, before going back to the marina for ice creams from the cafe.  However, in order to have the energy to even start all this on such a hot summer’s day, we needed to kick off with ice creams too 🙂  Having replenished our energy supplies we set off on our chosen trail, enjoying the absolutely stunning views.  There are some beautifully located fire pits on the trails, but due to the current fire ban (Sweden has not seen rain for months and has forest fires raging all over the country) we were unable to use them.  This island is so lovely that I might try and return with the children in September, if the ban has been lifted, to have a fire pit supper and enjoy it when it is a little quieter too.

With the temperature pushing 30 degrees, by the time we reached our chosen cove to relax at, no one hesitated to get in the water as we were soooooo hot and sweaty!  Lots of swimming, relaxing, and nature play was had over the next few hours.

After this it was time to head over to the place for Dadda to put his nerves to the test by doing the 12-15m jump off the cliffs into the sea.  There were a few lower ledges on the cliffs too that others were jumping off, still too high for me though!!  There was also a jetty there, and the drop off from rocky edge of the water was so steep and deep that you could also have a lot of fun leaping in from there too.

After a fun filled day it was time to head back to the harbour for our second ice cream and return trip home.  The ferry arrived and there was no way we would fit on so we resigned ourselves to waiting an hour for the next scheduled boat. But then to our surprise another boat turned up.  They had laid on extra boats as it was so busy.  We were five tired, but happy people having really enjoyed our time on this island.

How To Get To Tjärö

In the summer months the island is accessed via the archipelago boats.  You can either take one from Järnaviks Brygga in Järnavik, or from Karlshamn.  Both can be found west of Karlskrona, along the E22.  You can visit between April and September but you need to check dates before travelling.

What To See And Do On Tjäro

The beauty of this island is you can do a lot of physical activity or as little as you fancy, with the facilities available.

  1. Take a canoe or a kayak around the island and discover its beauty from the sea.  Check out the website for rental of either.
  2. Swimming:  There are no sandy beaches here, but it is still a lovely place to take a dip from a grassy patch or a rocky beach.  There is a 12-15m “death cut” jump from a rocky cliff outcrop at Korpaberget for those who are brave enough N.B. DONE AT YOUR OWN RISK!!!!!
  3. Hiking:  There are good marked trails.  One heading to the south and one heading north.
  4. Tjärö Nature Reserve:  This is really most of the island!!  But it means there are good trails, lots of fire pits to cook on, and lots of bird life to be spotted amongst the wild natural surroundings.
  5. Floating Sauna:  Enjoy this facility out on the water at Kerhallsbryggan.  Check the website for more details and instructions on how to use this lovely facility.

There are also often events on the island too throughout the summer, details of which can again be found on the island’s website.

Where To Eat On Tjärö

  1. There is a new restaurant where you can order breakfast, lunch, dinner, coffee, or other drinks and snacks.  This is located near where the ferry comes in from the mainland.  Check the website for opening times as these change throughout the year and seasons, and if you want to eat in the evening, it is recommended you book in advance.
  2. There is also a cafe which is open Saturdays and Sundays from May, and then everyday from June.

Where To Stay On Tjärö

Lots of information can be found on but accommodation varies from cottages, to rooms, or sites to pitch your tent.  With the sauna, a store, pets welcome, and other facilities nearby it would be the perfect Swedish island get away 🙂

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