Discover Karön – A Swiss Style Summer Retreat

We are lucky enough to live in southern Sweden.  Blekinge, our part of Sweden, has an archipelago made up of 1650 islands, skerries, and islets.  With the great transport system of archipelago boats, and county buses (we moved from the UK where buses were a little hit and miss!!), exploring the archipelago is very easy.  We started exploring our archipelago a little last spring and summer, but this year, with a little more research, we are going to go on a journey of discovery.  We will explore the archipelago looking at the background, how to get there, what to see and do, where to eat, and where to stay for each place we visit.  We would like to take you with us on this adventure via the blog, and you never know you may well find yourself booking a trip to discover this small part of the world 🙂  Enjoy the adventure with us….thirteenth up is the island of Karön.

Background Information About Karön

This is the largest island that makes up part of the archipelago in Ronneby, still in Blekinge.  In the early 1800s it was used for grazing animals as it is very green, and there was just one building on there.  Then between 1876 and 1885 they built some  beautiful Swiss style summer villas.  It used to also be home to a cold bathhouse with 6 pools (split into men, women, boys, and girls), a restaurant, as well as the villas.  The bathhouse is now gone, but the rest is still standing.

Our Adventure To Karön

The day we chose to go, the temperature was nearing 30 degrees Celsius and we were glad to be boarding a boat heading to a small island with a refreshing sea breeze.

This boat is different from the other archipelago boats we have caught, in that it is very flat, wide, and completely open.  The reason for this shape became clear as we headed off, going under the low bridges over the river that would lead us to the open sea, even having to all crouch down for the last bridge (a warning is shouted!) so we didn’t lose our heads.  The trio enjoyed the different boat and could also listen to a recorded tourist guide with headphones on the way if they wished.  This was available is Swedish, English, German, and Danish.  

The plan for our time on the island was to hike round the outer perimeter paths, and then enjoy a few hours in a sandy cove.  The island was truly stunning, and the paths were wide and well maintained, with the going quite easy for my three.  Although it was very warm, they were all up for the hike after three weeks off doing it, and enjoyed perusing other peoples summer homes and jetties, while making complicated plans as to how we were going to be doing the same and having a summer cottage on a tiny island.  I didn’t like to point out that our home on a medium sized island in this long hot summer was like having an all year round Swedish holiday home 🙂

After our little yomp, it was time for a well deserved play and swim in a little cove.  Here there was golden sand to play and relax on, and clear water to swim in with jetties to leap off.  My trio wasted no time in getting stuck in and had a great few hours spending their summer’s day the Swedish way, before we needed to head back to catch the boat for the trip home.

On our trip we kept the plan very simple, walk then swim.  It is definitely the way to live life over here in the summer, and in the outdoors all day long.  We packed our own food so we could eat once we grew hungry from the outdoor activities.

How To Get To Karön

Take the M/F Spättan or M/F Astrid archipelago boats from Ronneby.  They go from Ronneby centrum, Ronneby Brunn, or Ronneby Hamn.  This is during the summer season only.

What To See And Do On Karön

  1. Swim in the beautiful coves and clear waters.
  2. Hike.  There are well marked trails around the island of varying lengths, and none very taxing.  I certainly did not hesitate to take my three small children around them.  It was a lovely way to see around the island.
  3. The sea around the island is good for fishing.
  4. Meander to look at the old Swiss style holiday cottages.

Where To Eat On Karön

Restaurang Karön, with the nickname “The Swisserie”, is Blekinge’s oldest restaurant, dating back to 1877.  It opens in mid June for the summer season only.  You can check opening times, book tables, and take a look at the menu, all on its website.  It takes its nickname from the Swiss business people that came to Sweden and had ideas to open small cafes that would also serve alcohol.

Where To Stay On Karön

The island has a collection of 15 cottages that can accommodate 4 people in each, with a small kitchen area.  There are shared loos, laundry facilities, showers, and a larger kitchen.  These were built in the 1950s at Kalvbacken and you can get more details from the website.  We managed to get a sneaky look at these and they looked lovely, but unfortunately couldn’t take photos due to the occupants privacy and it wasn’t long before someone told us we couldn’t wander that way!!

I would definitely recommend packing the cool box for the day and heading out to relax and spend a sunny Swedish day here.  Surrounded by the sounds of the sea, children playing in the sand, and families splashing in the sea, you can not help but let the sounds of the Swedish summer relax and unwind you.  Just don’t forget the buckets and spades for the golden sands. Discover Karön, Ronneby, Ronneby Brunn, Karön, Karon, Ronneby archipelago, Blekinge archipelago, Sweden,

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