Completion of the Island Exploring!

It is exactly 2 months since we moved into our new home on the island, and today we spent three hours exploring the last part of the west side, that we hadn’t managed to reach before.  We have done an awful lot of walking, and have re-discovered that the term “footpath”, is a very loose description in Scandinavia (we have previously walked in Norway).  We have waded through bogs, pushed through walls of reeds, and today we had to work out where the path went through dense trees and bushes, and under our feet were mossy boulders as the pathway!  You certainly don’t go out for an easy cross country stroll here.  We had Dadda with us today, and whilst we were trying to put what we saw on the map onto the ground (i.e. a path marked on the map, but only what looked like an animal track on the ground), he found another app with a much better map of the area.  It actually put us on the map and the supposed paths too (Google maps doesn’t go into enough detail for our area), so we could actually work out that something that didn’t look like a path, was in fact the way we needed to go.  As we pushed through the undergrowth, the closer we got to the seashore, we found someone had very kindly tied ribbons to trees and bushes to mark the path.  So it is very remote, we’ve had a difficult walk to get there, and then we pop out onto the rocky shore to find someone has built their hut there!!  It does make you wonder how!  I have to give it to them, they have very peaceful surroundings (as long as we are not out for a walk), and a stunning view!

We have found some lovely places on our walks, and have definitely got our favourite spots, and it will be interesting to watch these change now as the seasons go by.  I feel that we have thoroughly learnt our way round the island and its remote countryside, and now we can start exploring slightly further afield, and more of the beautiful nature and scenery the country of Sweden has to offer.


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