Bastasjö Friluftsområde – An Outdoor Family Haven

Bastasjö is a lake that is the centre piece of the Bastasjö friluftsområde, outdoor area.  It is very convenient being only about a 15 minute drive from the centre of the city of Karlskrona in the south of Sweden.  It is a huge area of hiking trails around the surrounding woods.  What makes this place so good for families are several things.  There are a lot of marked trails in a variety of distances, so you can pick what you think you can manage.  There are also good fire pits, surrounding the lake on all sides, allowing for you to build a campfire safely and cook in the great outdoors.  At the side of the lake where the main car park is, there is also a building, which houses toilets.  You can rent this out as well if you are running an activity in this location.  

We arrived at Bastasjö in the depths of winter during the Swedish sportlov holiday, and although we were doing our own thing, it was interesting to see they had a “drop in” campfire with sausages cooking, everyday this holiday week from 10am until 1pm.  They also had other activities, for example a night run and orienteering.  There are illuminated trails, as well as ones you can use for cross country skiing when there is enough snow on the ground.  We chose our trail, the blue one that skirted round the lake, spotting a fire pit that looked good at the half way point, and we set off.

We had travelled inland for about 20 minutes to reach Bastasjö, so there was still a fair amount of snow on the ground compared to what we had at home on the coast, so it made for a scenic walk.  The lake was truly frozen over, and there were even some intrepid people having a mini ice hockey game on it…..but keeping very close to the edge still.  They obviously did not trust the ice thickness that much.  My trio were keen to use their binoculars to watch them (see my other tips for hiking with children).  They have never known sea or lake ice so thick you can run, walk, or play on it.  They were memorised.  It all helped to take their minds off the fact they were hiking with backpacks, and were surprisingly perky!  They were even surprised to find themselves at our chosen fire pit thinking the first part of the walk had gone fast, and I was quite surprised to find us there without any whinges of “I’m hungry”!

The children dropped their backpacks, and although the little lady announced she was doing the Kelly Kettle, all three raced off and suddenly starting constructing a den in the woods behind the fire pit.  I was happy at my work in the peace and quiet sorting out a lunch of hot dogs and campfire toffee apples.  Whilst I was busy, a lady who had seen us light the fire from the other side of the lake where the building is, had walked round and started taking photos….apparently she needed photos of people out enjoying the area with their children during sportlov!  Once cooked, three hungry little den builders appeared and gobbled their food up.  There was a lovely wooden shelter at this fire pit, and although it was not windy today and not such a painful experience to eat outdoors, it was lovely to be a little sheltered while we ate.  I had not planned to stay at the fire pit for the whole 2 hours that we did, but the children were so happy climbing trees and den building, that I left them to it until they were ready to leave.  Instead, I amused myself by trying to keep the fire going by using twigs from the ground, and although they were covered in snow I somehow managed, so was feeling quite pleased with myself!  

Eventually the trio felt it was time to pack up and move off, and we set off to complete the trail and the loop around Bastasjö.  They tested the limits of the ice on the lake intermittently and tried to break it with large rocks……no luck in breaking it though, it was really solid ice.  

I would definitely recommend visiting this lovely outdoor area beside Bastasjö if you are in the area, and for us it will be fun to return in the summer and see a totally different looking place to the one we had experienced today.  There are also geocaches in the area, but due to the cold, my phone battery dies very fast, so we never got to look for them today, so we will save those for the warmer months as well.  Something to look forward to coming back for, as well as maybe different organised activities we could try next time.

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  1. Looks a great place to go and you can beat fun in the snow!

  2. Oh wow what amazing fun! My kids go crazy for outdoor fun like this, den building is their favourite!

  3. I love following your family’s outdoor adventures it looks like yet another amazing spot to go exploring!

  4. I also love visiting the same place at different times of the year – the weather can completely transform a place 🙂
    Helen recently posted…REVIEW: Diono Quantum Classic Pushchair – from baby to toddler mode in just four clicksMy Profile

  5. Wow! What an adventure. Looks like an amazing place.

  6. My girls love the outdoors and you look like you had so much fun. We love snow!!! 🙂
    Kira recently posted…Chocolate & Banana LoafMy Profile

  7. This looks like heaven to me! A drop in campfire and snow everywhere? My boys and I would be there in heartbeat!

  8. That sounds like such a fun day out. The campfire looks great, providing both warmth and lunch. And I love their den!
    Cath – BattleMum recently posted…Best and Worst Holidays – Liberty on the Lighter SideMy Profile

  9. It sounds like you had a wonderful day and it looks so beautiful in the snow. I wonder how different it’ll look in the warmer months?

    Ami xxx
    Ami Rose recently posted…Currently Testing: Nip and Fab Teen Skin FixMy Profile

  10. My mummy used to have a kelly kettle and we love exploring the woods. Cooked food on a campfire is the best!
    Baby Isabella recently posted…My Ideal Holiday with Mark WarnerMy Profile

  11. What an incredible trip. You pictures are so gorgeous. I would love to do something like this with my daughter. Even though you were doing your own thing, I think it is amazing that they had a drop in campfire and other activities on. The illuminated trails sound really helpful. x

  12. A beautiful place to explore, how brave were those people on the ice!!

    • The ice is so thick here at the moment and the sea is heavily frozen and not moving too, but I’m not used to it, so not brave enough!!

  13. How wonderful to have an area like this so set up and ready for outdoor adventures. The idea of fire pits just ready to use is a new concept to me but such a lovely idea. We have one in our den building zone here and a couple of large outdoor BBQs just ready to use but to find it in a public space like this is amazing. Your outdoor cooking always looks so warning and a treat in the icy conditions. Well done the kids on their den, it looks like they round some huge branches there. What a great place to explore just 20 minutes inland from home.

    Thank you for sharing with me on #CountryKids

    • Yes the fire pits are every where and marked on maps too 🙂 We are a little addicted to them but it makes an adventure more cosy and the warm food is always welcome!!

  14. This looks like a wonderful day out in snow and ice. How wonderful is it to have such an outdoor area close by, equipped with fire pits, etc. I’d love to see such a thing here in Ireland.

  15. This is my kind of adventure! I wish we did that when we had so much snow too. But it was too scary to venture out further than our house since it was really snowing so hard. Lovely photos too. #countrykids
    Dean of Little Steps recently posted…Hello Beast From the EastMy Profile

  16. Looks like a great area to explore and beautiful in all that snow too #CountryKids

  17. How fabulous, so much fun to be had and it is really well equipped and ready for the fun t start. I want to visit! Mich x #Countrykids
    michelle twin mum recently posted…Sunset Scooting at Bexhill-on-SeaMy Profile

  18. I really must remember to take my kelly kettle out with us when we go out exploring – great way to warm up on the go
    Kara recently posted…My Sunday Photo – 11th March 2018My Profile

  19. Great den-building there, love it! (As for walking or ice-skating on the lakes when they’re frozen, remember that it’s generally weakest near the edges, so even if you see people on it further out, it can still be quite thin at the edges. But I guess you already know these things ).
    And now I see it’s Karlskrona you live in (so the South East coast, not South West as I thought when I commented on another of your posts recently). I have a niece who lives there now, seems like a nice place, though I haven’t been there myself x
    Malin recently posted…One Year with the National Trust, in the South EastMy Profile

  20. Sounds like you had a lovely hike and I love how much fun the children were having climbing trees and building dens while you were cooking on the fire pit. I can imagine it will be fun to return in the summer especially as you still have the geocaches to look for 🙂 #countrykids

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