Anglestue Grottor – A Magical Playground In Nature

Whether you are looking for an easy stroll in the woods, or a sheltered interesting place for a fika, or a great place for children to play, you will not be disappointed with Anglestue Grottor.  Some very intriguing naturally formed caves and rock falls.  The easy walk from the car park does not detract from the feeling you are in the middle of nowhere, just you, nature, and the forest.  

We first visited Anglestue Grottor a year ago, and whilst it was great fun for the children, we found it a little hard to locate.  However, Visit Ronneby have over the last year developed a series of trails, complete with free maps that you can either have sent to you or you can download from their website.  We have already explored a few new places highlighted by these trail maps, but we were keen to head back to this favourite place and see what they had done.  We had the maps delivered free of charge to our mailbox, and I highly recommend them to find hidden gems in the area and new places to explore.

Ronneby slingor, Ronneby, visit Ronneby, Blekinge, sweden

One of the first things that struck me whilst negotiating the narrow roads of the deep Swedish countryside is how well marked the route was.  Hiking routes are usually well marked with poles that have various coloured tips on, and now they had done the same for the tracks that approach the parking area for Anglestue Grottor.  The car park was also well signed (we were a bit unsure last year if we were in the right place for parking) and then the trail posts with the blue tops continued all the way to the grottor (caves) which was very helpful.

The route to the Anglestue Grottor was pretty much as I remembered, and the children picked and nibbled on wild raspberries as we went along.  Wait until the autumn and there will be big juicy blackberries to nibble on.  Even with them meandering, it only took 20 minutes for us to find our way there.  This is a good length of a walk if you then want to stay in one place for a few hours to play and eat, so you do not need to hurry the playing part.

The area is a really imaginative place to play in nature.  Huge slabs of stone have originally been created by a natural fault, and then the ice later on moved them into the positions they are in now.  This created big rock falls you can scramble up, crevices you can explore, and caves you can hide and play in.  There are new information boards as well allowing you to learn more about the area, the geography, and it’s history.  I have deliberately not posted photos of the information boards on this blog post, as I think you will get more out of the trip by encountering them on your way (apologies if you are not headed that way and you did want to know more!)

The walk is beautiful, but once you are at the rocks, your little people will have no end of fun climbing and inventing games in this natural playground.  Make sure you have brought a picnic and you can even take a feast inside one of the caves.  There is a fire pit area too, so providing there is no fire ban, you can light a fire, and really make it an atmospheric adventure!  There was a fire ban when we went, so we cooked a yummy treat up on the stove, but still in the cave.

You need to look carefully at the next two images and spot our double trouble having their own fun afternoon there, and it puts into perspective the size of the rocks and what they can play on 🙂 (I’ll give you a clue for the first one…they are right at the top!)

So, if you live around this area or are planning a trip here, I can highly recommend taking a dappled woodland walk to this natural play area.  Even without children in tow, it is so beautiful and a great place to stop for a fika before heading onwards with your hike.  I can also say that getting hold of all the maps I mentioned at the start will give you some great ideas and tips of places to visit, finding other hidden gems as well while you are exploring the area.  This mini adventure is perfect for all age groups, with something for everyone.  If you want more inspiration for mini adventures to take with your children pop over to Amazon and take a peek at my book  There are lots of ideas in there as well as handy tips and information to help explore the outdoors with you mini, or not so mini people.

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