Almö Naturreservat

Almö is a beautiful nature reserve in the county of Blekinge, southern Sweden.  You can really stretch your legs hiking the length of it for a few hours.  Or you could just pitch up at one of its many fire pits and enjoy some stunning scenery while cooking on a camp fire.  Almö naturreservat is a contrast of two halves.  The northern part is full of woodland landscape, whilst the southern part of Almö is more open and flat.  In the autumn, spring, and summer, you will come across cattle that use the area for grazing.  Cattle grazing is important on Almö for the ecosystem.  It prevents it becoming overgrown and also allows for better public access and so more enjoyment of the nature there.  There are several parking areas allowing you to enjoy small parts, or you can leave your car at one end, walk the length on the fabulous trails, and pick up the bus to take you back to your car again at the end.  We have done something similar.  We have left the car and then Dadda has picked it up on the way back home on the bus, and driven it to collect us from the other end.


Almö Naturreservat Has:

  1. Good trails, very well marked, and a huge variety as well.
  2. Lots of bathing and swimming spots along the trails but also near to parking areas if you do not fancy a hike.
  3. Lots of fire pits with stunning views.  We have used many of these, either during a hike, or just parking nearby and using them whilst having a big outdoor play in nature.
  4. Some basic toilet facilities.
  5. Some lovely areas for a spot of wild camping.
  6. Stunning vistas of both sunrises and sunsets.

Our Outdoor Adventures On Almö:

We have thoroughly explored and enjoyed this naturreservat.  We have experienced it in every season.  We have enjoyed several sunrise picnics there during the winter when the sunrises are at a more sociable time.  We have hiked parts of it, and once done the whole length as well.  We have cooked on every fire pit, enjoying the many varied and beautiful views.  We have whiled away a summer’s day relaxing on the warm rocks while the children explored the waters with their nets, swam, and climbed trees.  We even have “our tree“.  A tree the children can really explore.  You can climb up into this tree, and sit inside the middle.  The main branches going up from the trunk are hollow, allowing for crawling up inside and then out onto the sturdier peripheral branches.  There is a very large broken branch that goes at an angle from the mid section of the tree to the ground, which is fantastic for crawling up and testing your balance.  Almö is truly a paradise for those who enjoy the Swedish concept of allemansrätten.

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  1. Whilst hiking up Almo sounds absolutely thrilling, the idea of camping and cooking up sounds more appealing to me. What a great reserve.

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  2. The scenery looks stunning in all weathers. I love the fact that there are fire bowls there too so you can just cook or boil up some water for a nice hot drink.

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  3. Oh wow, it looks really beautiful there! We have one nature reserve near us, but sadly no fire pits there. I would love to roast some marshmallows.

  4. As I say all the time, your posts make me want to move to Sweden! I think it’s so cool this place has fire pits and so many places to swim, it sounds amazing xx

  5. I love the Swedish sunsets and sunrises! They’re just so pretty and colourful. This looks a lovely place to visit with plenty of places to walk

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