A Trip to our Little Beach.

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Today, after a morning of maths and English with everyone in the stuga, we decided that despite the rain, we couldn’t hide indoors anymore.  I also couldn’t hide from driving all the time, so we headed out to our little Island, as I wanted to show the trio the little beach that we will live near.  We dressed from head to toe in our thick coats, waterproofs, and wellies, and headed out on the footpath – the last time I was here in July it was about 25 degrees and pure sunshine.  Children and grown ups were diving in from the diving board (known as trampolines here!) into the fjord….today the diving board looked a little sad in the pouring rain, and the children didn’t quite believe me that you could use it into the sea in the summer.

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All three loved the beach, and it was because it was a mixture of a sandy bay (which they can dig and build on, and won’t hurt their feet), and huge rocky areas which will be hiding a whole host of living creatures.  Usually I carry everything in the boot of the car so it’s always there to fish, find and build on a beach, but sadly this is all in a removals box somewhere at the moment.  So they had to be content with looking.  We couldn’t believe how clear the water was, but it allowed us a good view of the jelly fish swimming around in there.

Part oimg_9924f the bay protrudes out like a finger into the fjord, making a nice little circular short route walk, so we headed off round that after a bit of a rock clamber and a peek at the diving board.  Once we were back at the car, and had taken off all our soggy outer wear, we drove back into the main town to pick up some items (writing paper and a tin opener!) that we needed.  We thought then we could also give Dadda a lift back home after work….oh, and after the children had cleared out my bank balance with Swedish clothes (I guess I rather liked them too).  I had to concede new gloves for the little lady (I had packed woolly mittens and they were soaked and cold to wear), and hats for all three without much of a fight as the temperatures have changed by about 10 degrees for us more or less overnight.  Whilst we don’t shy away from weathers, it doesn’t help when all your things are in a box somewhere….at least I’d packed the winter coats with us.

img_9939I have now managed to set up gymnastics for the little men to trial on Saturday, and scouts for the little lady to trial tomorrow night.  She would be a tracker (that’s her age group), and they are based in boats or in the woods…she’s going to love it!!  That is I hope she is, once she gets over the fact she’s got to learn the lingo 🙂  Just with the start of these two activities it feels like we are embedding into Swedish life.  Now I just have to negotiate the food shop tomorrow on my own with all three mini people in tow…that’s if I can find the shop again!!


My new local Lidl has a much better view than my old one, even if it was raining!!

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