Wriggly, Squirmy, Earthworm Science.

worm science ideas exploring nature nature based learning www.mammasschool.co.ukTo compliment this week’s Nature Curriculum topic of earthworms, we decided to have some fun doing earthworm science.  There are lots of ideas on this topic, but our earthworm science was kept to three tasks.





First task of our earthworm science was to examine them under a magnifying glass.  Our little lady’s worm was very receptive to this.  It stretched out, it moved so she could see it in action, and it raised its head end up in the air.  She got a really good view at how these mini beasts move.  We chatted about their structure and pointed things out.  I introduced them to the fact that these were invertebrates with no backbone.  The trio were quite animated discussing this through, and working out how they moved.  Consideration was made as to what would happen to us as well if we had no backbone.

The next earthworm science task was to make a wormery.  Having made an edible one the other day, the trio were quite clued up as to what was happening here.  We made some holes in the bottom of a large plastic bottle (for drainage), and then added a little gravel to aid this process.  In the centre we added a smaller sealed drinks bottle.  This is to try and keep the worms towards the outside of the larger bottle, so we have more to view.  Next went in a layer of sand, followed by a layer of soil, followed by sand, and then soil. On the top we placed some food for the worms in the form of peelings and a teabag.  Then all three worms were carefully placed into their new home 🙂  It’s now sat pride of place on our kitchen table.  We watch them eat, and they watch us eat!!

The last earthworm science experiment was looking at absorption.  This wasn’t about the earthworms, but using the worm idea to study another concept.   We wrapped a smooth straw up in tissue paper.  The paper was then concertinaed into the middle of the straw.  Pipettes of water were slowly squirted onto the paper.  What we saw was the paper slowly expand and wiggle, moving like a worm!  The concepts we chatted about were how certain materials absorbed water/fluids, moving onto how this caused them to expand.  Finally, we finished off with chatting about saturation points.  My trio are a little addicted to pipettes, so this experiment had their full focus and attention!!

All three really enjoyed their earthworm science, and we hope you’d like to try some of our ideas 🙂

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