Winter Tree Science.

If you want to keep three children quiet for around 2 hours, give them a microscope, knife, and some buds 🙂  They were under some sort of hypnotising spell.  Little lady went into full on teacher mode, and got the mini men chopping and looking too.  She loved gently removing the protective bud scales to reveal the bud underneath, and then chopping a cross section to see what the inside is like.  She viewed and dissected a variety of buds, and her little brothers dipped in and out of the activity, but it’s fair to say, she was amazed by what she discovered in there.

The experiment we did was with pine cones.  We are lucky, as the country we live in has a huge variety and abundance of these!  I am not going to spoil the results in case you want to try this at home.  What you need to do is place one in cold water, one in warm water, and one in air.  Then you should have a good comparison.  There are a lot more variations you can do, and as you can see, we had one half in and half out….let the child lead, they always have the best ideas!!  We also set ours up using a variety of different types to see if there was any difference between tree species too.


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      Thankyou that is very kind 🙂 My aim is to encourage others with little people to get involved with nature. If you know anyone who would benefit feel free to give them the website name!!!

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