Whizz Pop Bang-Spy Science.

z97As well as amazing facts and articles on other subjects, this months issue is largely based on forensic science and some planets and stars information.  As the day brought pouring rain all day, we decided it was the day to do the activities from the magazine…well all except the solar oven one!!  So with today’s moving missions being, Dadda leaving his old job and moving everything from the loft into the garage, we slotted the activities around those jobs.  Once breakfast was over our little lady and I sneakily whipped up a chocolate sponge cake we needed to use in one of the activities, and while that was cooking and cooling we got on with a couple of others.

z99 z98

First up was taking their own fingerprints.  We did a slight adaption of this activity and used a black ink pad, and all their little finger pad patterns came out so well.  The mini men were really taken aback at the pattern produced as they’d never noticed the markings on their skin before, and our little lady made a perfect set to examine in detail.  We then learnt about fingerprints history and how they are used.  The next activity we did was the blood spatter test.  We were learning how blood looks when it either drops or spatters.  Using a paint brush to drip blackcurrant squash onto white paper, the three learnt that drops falling downwards are round with tiny projections, and drops falling sideways are elongated with projections in the direction they were moving.  After this followed some gory discussion about why and how this might happen!!

z96 z95

Then one the best tasks for them, they made planet cake pops.  We crumbled the earlier made chocolate cake into a bowl of melted milk chocolate, and made into balls before putting them into the freezer for 15 mins.  After which we put skewers into them.  Meanwhile white chocolate was melting and once done, food colourings were swirled through to give a marbled effect, before they rolled the cake balls into the marble like chocolate mix.  Back into the fridge, and et voila!  Planets on sticks 🙂

z94 z92

The last thing we did today, our little lady did with her Dadda to give them some quality time together.  It was making a snoop-o-scope.  She could then use this to do some of her own spying, but in the process she was learning about light and the way it travels.


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