Whizz Pop Bang Mamma’s Day

IMG_8762Uh oh….due to having had such a hectic July, with a manic trip to Sweden to decide our future and then dealing with the administrative fall out of emigrating in a short period of time, August’s Whizz Pop Bang was on our doorstep, reminding me we still had three things left to do in the last issue.  As it was Mamma’s day, I decided our little lady could run her own show, and put together the missing tasks herself, with me on call if needed.  I laid out her supplies and off she set about making a water powered boat, which she did really well.  It involved using an empty ice cream carton for the base and sticking a disposable cup into it.  A straw is then threaded through both carton and cup, so when you fill up the cup with water, the water is ejected through the straw, thus powering the boat along.  Of course sails were added to make it look better 🙂  Once made, she pottered off upstairs to see if it would work.  Her boat instantly tipped to the side (unloading all it’s carefully loaded Play People for a chilly soaking in the bathtub), but she quickly realised why, altered the cup to sit in the middle of the boat, and had a lot more success.  Eventually she got it working, but not before she had done the very important part of any science experiment; test, adjust, and modify.

IMG_8765 IMG_8764

IMG_8767After having a good play with her boat for at least an hour, our little lady headed back downstairs to make the cut out octopus from the magazine.  They say you learn something new everyday, and I think most of my new learning comes from my children.  She was reading aloud to me telling me how if octopuses were attacked, their tentacle could be shed and still move on its own, distracting its predator!!  I learnt a lot of other octopus facts too, but this one I found the most interesting, and slightly amusing, imagining bodiless tentacles roaming the seas under their own steam!

Unusually for us, we’ve not really been out and about much this week.  I seem to have had an attack of lethargy, on which I can’t really blame the barmy hot sunny weather for.  In turn, it has made me want for a simpler life this week and there have been no grand expeditions – perhaps the children were not the only ones knocked out by the camping trip!!  However, I have managed 2 runs….not a huge amount compared to what I used to do, but it is roughly 2 more than I have achieved in the past 6 months!  The whole thing about home education, is that there is literally never a minute to yourself, and come the evening when they are in bed, the day has wiped me out!  I have always been one to try and get exercise done first thing before they are up, or else it gets sidelined very easily, but for some reason I have not had the energy to do this for a while.  It might also have something to do with the fact that we seem to go through fits and starts of a night’s sleep being complete.  I can’t really complain as all three are good at going to bed, generally do sleep through, and stay in bed until their Gro-clocks go off in the morning.  However, when we go through a period of them having a problem, it seems all three need me at separate points in the night, and that takes it toll – not sure how I ever managed to night feed two babies!!!  I am hoping I may have turned some sort of corner and started putting aside some time (even if it is before they rise and shine) again for myself, instead of just being at the beck and call of 4 other people, and not doing anything to look after me.  Might sound a bit selfish, but I think I am less grumpier when I have exercised first thing  so everyone benefits 🙂

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