Whizz Pop Bang and Super Structures


Swedish Tomte enjoying his edition of Whizz Pop Bang ūüôā

Our Whizz Pop Bang magazine landed yesterday from the UK, courtesy of grandparent post ūüôā ¬†So, desperate to jump right into it, I promised the little lady she could have a go at the experiments this afternoon. ¬†Usually, I set up all three doing it, but I could sense it would be easier (as it was quite intricate) if she just did it on her own, and also that she quite wanted to keep it all to herself this time, so I relented. ¬†The mini men were sat at the table occupied doing other things, but were absorbing quite a bit by just watching and listening. ¬†So it did actually work quite well. ¬†The little lady was looking at paper engineering.

img_0653 img_0654 img_0655

There were templates to build 5 paper bridges; a flat plank one, a laminated plank one, a laminated arch one, a beam bridge, and lastly a concertina bridge.  She cut and assembled each one, then went through the process of seeing how much weight (pennies, or rather Swedish krona), each one would hold.  True to form, we bucked convention with our results a little (the flat planks held more than the laminated planks, but we chatted about it, and we felt the supplies  had been weakened by the first experiment).  Overall the concertina bridge held the most weight, followed by the beam, then laminated arch, then the flat planks, and lastly the laminated planks held the least.  The little lady really enjoyed doing this task, and was very methodical and thorough, and whiled away a few hours in an engineering trance.

img_0661 img_0659 img_0658

After school today, I had collected the little lady and taken her micro scooter up to school, and the mini men were on theirs. ¬†This drew quite a lot of attention in the playground and “Aaaaahhhh kul!” at her vivid pink one from the girls, who’d not come across a micro scooter before. ¬†The plan was to go and investigate another park round the corner from school, which we hadn’t found yet. ¬†When we got there we were the only ones, and the children had a good play. ¬†The some Mummys turned up, who (no surprise) knew exactly who we were! They were lovely and chatty, and one of their little girls is in the same f√∂rskola group that the little men will be in. ¬†At least I don’t have to explain my lack of language skill, everyone preempts it!

img_0652 img_0651

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