Week One Day one.

splashSo, the first day back to school for our little lady’s school friends, and her first day not at conventional school….and what fabulous weather greeted us for this huge life event!  In what must be our most worn outfit, four of us got dressed in wellies and full waterproofs, to take one little man to pre school (they do alternate Mondays to try and give them a bit more individuality, time away from each other, and time for me with one twin without the other one).  They scooted round enjoying riding through the deep puddles and creating waves.  When we got home, I’d decided it would be easier to get the dog walked at this point, rather than undressing and dressing in all our gear again later.  So, after swapping scooters for bikes, off we set again.  Only this time we were on a snail and worm rescue mission….rescuing them from the middle of all the paths to come and spend a cosy day in our company :-).  Yet again, full use was made of the puddles provided….apparently it beat handwriting practice hands down.

IMG_7411IMG_7410We set up the wormery at home, and made the snails very cosy with plenty to nibble on.  They’ve enjoyed watching the worms throughout the day, mash up our lovely sand/soil stripes into a muddle.


IMG_7412I’ve already spoken about our little lady’s enthusiasm to do “learning” in the day, something I hadn’t foreseen us doing quite so quickly in the formal form (maths and English I am following more conventional methods).  However, she is fully embracing the fact that the learning environment is much more relaxed, and decided hot chocolate and marshmallows would accompany this mornings efforts very well, and dry her soggy ponytail faster!  I’m sure she was her little brother’s favourite person at this point too.  The relaxed environment is important to us as well, and another reason for home schooling. There is no pressure, she can pick and chose what she dives into when, and she is comfortable (mainly standing up!).  We are intending to use the science, history, and geography curriculum to guide us, but interpret them our way, and chose our own methods of looking into things.  With this is mind, she gets to look at all three guides, and chose one topic from them for us to look at; either until she is not interested (no point forcing things.  Again our home learning is about following their interests and likes), or for as long as she wants to, with no need to finish looking at a subject because that’s when it is timetabled for.  She has chosen The Worlds Countries from the geography study book to kick us off.  Also, she has specified she’d like to look at Egypt in particular.  All this achieved and still time for an hours art and crafting before lunch, while her little brother spread play dough liberally around (luckily our lovely obliging Collie hoovers that up as well as crumbs).

I think all this learning has rubbed off somewhat onto the double act, as they have been so keen and proactive in announcing what letters they want to learn next, and the little man at home today announced he wanted to do a “counting book” (i think he likes the looks of her maths and English workbooks).  We are already doing phonics and a bit of writing (not us pushing them, but them wanting to do it), so today we started with recognising written numbers, and some games involving that idea, and he loved it.  When his twin came home from nursery, he saw the new cards on the fridge, and managed the recognition of them straight away….time for new ones tomorrow.  I am certainly going to be kept on my toes by these three.  My times tables and mental maths has improved noticeably already in the last couple of weeks, not a bad side effect.  I’m off now to learn about world countries, before my little lady wants to know every detail, and remind myself what division is all about!!


Watching the snail crawl up the lamp post….learnt that takes quite a while and you get quite wet when it is tipping with rain!

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