Vintage Reading.

z24After lunch I was clearing away and washing up, when I was suddenly aware our trio were all sat quietly in the lounge, with big sister having initiated an impromptu story session….and what was she reading…my old ladybird read it yourself books!  The mini men were sat there enthralled by her stories, and this continued for an hour, until she had finished the whole collection that live in her bookcase.  Home education at its best…

z23For her own reading she is now fully engrossed in the Harry Potter series, working her way through number four at the moment, but it was so lovely to see her pick up these old tales and read them to her twin brothers.  She has the same passion for reading as me, and is never without a book, even if we are just hopping into the car to go round the corner, and the mini men seem to be following in her footsteps, enjoying their books.  Reading is quite a way off for them at the moment, so they make their stories up themselves looking at the pictures, or they sit very quietly listening to others read.  They love their bedtime stories last thing every day, and it’s even better when someone reads to them during the day too.  In fact, they may be very busy physical little men, but read them a story and they very still and very quietly like someone has switched them off!!  Always worth remembering 😉

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