Trying to Stop and Slow Down!

img_9493Today’s weather was forecast as very gloomy and perfect for ducks, so outdoor plans with a lovely friend were cancelled, and I thought it might be the perfect day to try and take things slow, and catch my breath a little.  Humph, not to be!!  I decided that it would be the perfect day to tackle our little lady’s division maths topic, and long division at that.  I’m not sure who ended up more confused her or me!!  Anyway, I looked at her, thought about her age, thought about how the concept of division confused her enough anyway (multiplication, subtraction, and adding she’s fantastic at), and scrapped the whole idea.  Neither of us was ready for it!  Instead we worked at the general concept of division, using easy questions and problem solving conundrums, and I think we will stick with that level for a while.  At first I felt a bit of a failure, having not achieved what I’d set out to do with her, but then remembered that is the whole great thing about home education… don’t have to do any of it!!  Let alone, if your little person isn’t ready for that subject or concept.  You can do as much or as little as you think is appropriate, and go at their own pace.

img_9497After an emergency dash to the hairdressers (courtesy of a terrible self hair cut), we had just under 3 hours of the afternoon until the twins swimming lessons.  I was very firm with myself, I needed to slow down for 5 minutes….a new toy had arrived this morning (a shiny gleaming kelly kettle), so we packed a rucksack, and headed over for a walk into the country park armed with hot chocolate powder and marshmallows.  We walked for about 20 minutes before settling on a secluded wooded area where the children could climb trees, whilst I tried to get a fire going (by far my worst skill in life – followed closely by long division!).

We had a lovely afternoon boiling the water for hot chocolate, toasting marshmallows, and climbing trees, before walking back home and into the business of swimming lessons, supper, bath, and bed!!  It was a needed break from reality and the restoring power of nature did it’s job 🙂  I was so pleased that the new kelly kettle arrived today as it was fantastic fun, and I am hoping to perfect my fire lighting technique.  Since losing our doggy, combined with the fact we are moving house (so lots of phone calls, waiting in for deliveries, and a huge amount of tidying and packing to do) we aren’t getting out for the 2-5 hours a day we usually do.  I am very aware of this, but there is not a lot I can do about it at the moment and have to snatch the moments when we can.  In the meantime the children’s imaginative play is amazing as they just have “to play” for vast quantities of the day while I am tied up doing tasks (or terrible hair cuts!!)

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