Treasure and Lost Things.

IMG_7309If your little people are anything like mine, when you return from absolutely anywhere, their pockets are stuffed.  Anything could be in there from someone else’s discarded shiny sweet wrappers, to acorns, fir cones, and rocks (not stones, but rocks!!).  My little lady had a secret compartment in the inner sole of her clarks school shoes….I’d empty this every day on her returning home, and here’s a few of the things I’d find; “sparkly” pebbles, bits of ribbon, old stickers, bits of wool, bits of old hair clips and hair bands, and, of course, wrappers of any shape, size, and description!  So, on returning from a beach walk the other day, I thought it would be interesting to empty her winter coat pocket…..the rather larger things were lugged home!!  So, we had the standard rocks, stones, shells, feathers, and fir cones, but we also had half a bouncy ball and a sandwich bag!!  I think next time I might do a report on all three and see what we have accumulated!!  As we walk everyday, somewhere, it certainly shows the potential of what is hiding in all three bedrooms!!  A big negative to no school….I can’t sort those rooms while they aren’t there- she will cry over every stone returning back to the great outdoors, or every old sweet wrapper heading to the bin 🙂

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