The Snowman.

Today we decided to carry on with the festive movie, book, craft theme….in other words a rather tired Mamma was needing some festive movie induced peace 🙂





The story chosen for today was The Snowman….or it was until I realised it was The Snowman and the Snowdog book I was holding, so we did that as well!!  We cosied up and sat on the sofa and had a good read of both books, before we headed out into a frozen garden to collect pebbles (they were more random shaped stones from our path in our case!) for our craft.

I had wonderful visions of rustic pebble snowmen adorning our home 🙂  I have three very different interpretations of my vision!!  The main thing is they all had fun, and it was something they had not done for a long time.  The last time, they painted pebbles from the beach, and they just made them colourful before liberally sprinkling glitter all over them.  Today they actually formed a picture (of sorts).

After that it was time to snuggle up and watch the 2 mini movies, and feel cosy and festive again 🙂  I’m liking this idea of reading Christmas books, doing some craft related to it, and then get the fire burning together with hot drinks and sweet snacks, and watch a screened version of the tale :-)….I think they are too, poor screen deprived children that they are!!


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