The Craft Fairy has Visited!!

z100Uh Oh, the craft fairy popped by for a visit!!  When it’s on a mission, the supplies take over the world.  Our little lady is currently on a mission to make all her old school friends little crafty gifts from her (so if you are one of their mummy’s, be prepared for a craft product invasion).  This is her in her element, making and creating things, but I guess it goes with a creative mind, that she couldn’t possibly pop one thing away first before doing another 😉  After a bit of an emotional trip to Heathrow this morning, she has immersed herself into making, and the twins into imaginative play.  I on the other hand, managed to have a quiet grumpy sulk at my partner in crime leaving the country, and inadvertently find a science museum and a tropical world whilst I was trying to Swedish house hunt!!  So, not a completely unproductive day 🙂

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