Sunny Summerlike Friday!

IMG_8022Today was one of those Home Education days that makes you think, “yes, this is exactly why we do it”, and three exhausted children, with grazed knees and elbows, smelling of sun cream, and with sun kissed faces have tumbled into bed.  Despite a not so great forecast, the day turned out to be otherwise with clear blue skies and hardly any breeze (very unusual for here), so a lot of warmth was being felt.

The day started with me doing my housework downstairs whilst listening to the three of them upstairs, the little lady apparently leading them in various “water experiments” 😮 I was dreading what I’d find when I eventually did head up, but for now I needed to shut my ears (and my mouth) and let them continue.  It was a perfect example of  an impromptu child led learning experience that happens when you let the children just get on with it.  That continued for a hour or so while I did my jobs, and then I had to persuade them to clear up!!  At least they had confined themselves to experimenting in the bathroom.

IMG_8014It was then time to head out for our daily dose of nature.  Today we were headed to the beach, the trio on scooters and myself with the dog.  Once there, we were going to find a good outcrop of rocks where we could base ourselves for a couple of hours and see where the play took them.  Our little lady started them out with a rock clambering session.  They followed her lead and she instructed them how and when to leap, and they delighted in the water in the gaps and looking for sea life.  Hence all the grazes and bashes.  Our little lady also found the smallest crab ever.

IMG_8029 IMG_8020 IMG_8019

After lunch, the boys reading and writing, and a puzzle afternoon was abandoned (remember I thought the weather was going to be cloudy and breezy with random showers!) in favour of enjoying the sunshine.  All three were changed into swimmers and a 2 hour water play and fight ensued, with a brief break for ice lollies (and ice cubes for the very hot and very furry dog).  We then needed to dry off and clean up to head off to the pub.  This will be the fourth summer now, a group of us mums from school, meet at the local pub (sunny days only to utilise the garden and slide for the children) on most Fridays.  It changes who is there each time for various reasons, but now it serves an even more important purpose for our little lady.  She is getting to be with her closest friends a bit more, and I am getting to talk to other adults 🙂  They are a fabulous set of mums too, and met me at a time when the twins were just getting mobile and causing general chaos when let loose.  Yet, whenever we have been out, there has never been any judgement about the chaos we bring with us, and they have mucked in and chased escaping twins without being asked, despite having their own little people to look after.  They made it possible in our little lady’s early school career for me to go out places with them and survive the trip without losing anyone!!  Today, was a bit of a landmark in that I could sit at the table (most of the time) while the mini men actually played instead of spending the whole time running off in different directions!!

I will end the post with the quote of the day, today from our little lady:

“Mamma, what is an education?”……….!!!!!!!!!!!


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