IMG_7849At last things other than my daughters legs (which I can’t keep up with!) are growing.  The garden has sprung to life amazingly fast over the last week or 2 with the warmer sunnier weather.  Today we based ourselves at home to try and get on top of shuffling seeds and seedlings around from one place to another.  The peas have been out the seed house for a few weeks and have started climbing their canes.  Today it was the French beans turn to face the elements and leave the cosy seed house.  Our little lady is doing her brownie gardeners badge, so in other words I am using child labour in a very effective disguise 😉  The mini watermelons were forced from the seed house at the weekend in a fit of disgust at showing no signs of germination, and taking up far too much room…..we had planted 15 (as they are going to be quite big they need a pot each) getting carried away with the novelty of growing watermelons.  However, today we spotted 10 have in fact now started growing (sulk over!).  The wild flower mix is bursting into life, as well as the cherry tomatoes, and chives (which will stay in the seed house for now due to erecting too many canes today and getting a little bored, with the excuse that they really should be a little more robust before facing our perpetual strong breezes blowing through!).

IMG_7850In a brief fit of over belief in my own gardening talents, as well as the size of our garden, I saved a lot of seeds and pips from our own foods consumed.  I find it pot luck growing from seed as it is, and only in the last few years have moved from purchasing seedlings, to growing from seed.  So, to now grow from our own food is another challenge.  I planted very very optimistically satsuma, apple, and melon pips.  A little more confidently went in the normal tomato pips, chilli pepper seeds, and pepper seeds.  We are enjoying finally seeing the blossom on the apple and plum trees, and the strawberry and blueberry bushes, meaning, hopefully, fruit will follow (although we always manage to somehow be away at ripening, leaving whoever is watering the garden being paid in our small harvest!!).  However, looking at the amount we have planted this year you would think we had an orchard plus a farmers field…I assure you we do not, and you may have to cut down the chilli plants and apple trees, to find you are routing around in tomato plants to find us 🙂  I’ll invite you all for a spicy salad ;-)!!!!!!


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