Springtime and Seeds.

springtime and seeds gardening children gardening www.mammasschool.co.ukThe snow has melted, (it’s forecast again for tomorrow night, but we will ignore that!!), the first few spring flowers are peppering our lawn, (although the snowdrops are still hiding!), and the temperature has risen to +2 degrees…..springtime is coming!  Or I am trying to pretend it is, and search out the signs that soon we may be able to leave home with gloves and hats in our bags, rather than permanently on our hands and heads!  Being the start of March I felt it was about time I got my skates on and set about planting some seeds.

Back in the UK I have left a very small garden, but one that is literally bursting full of colour for three seasons of the year.  We currently have a very unsuspecting tenant in there, unaware of what is about to happen, as before we left I had trimmed everything back for winter.  When we moved in over 6 years ago, there was not one flowering plant in the garden, so I was fairly proud of my colourful riot of a jungle 🙂  In Sweden now, I have a huge garden and I need to be careful I don’t go for the jam packed look again, or else I will not be able to manage it at all (I already need a goat for the grass!).

I plan to have similar things in the garden here.  We need some fruit trees (we had apple and plum in the UK), we need to start a herb garden, we always grow some fruit and veg, and then I need flower colour to brighten our days.  Some pips/seeds we have saved from what we have eaten, and others I bought in the shops.  The wild seed mixes I am leaving until I can put them straight outside.  Today we have planted chives, rosemary, tomatoes, french beans, peas, carrots, rhubarb, small poppies, large poppies, chillies, pumpkins, melons, peppers, pear, and ….there’s one other but I can’t remember what it is so that’ll be a nice surprise when it appears!  This will hopefully keep my costs down a bit when I head to the garden centre a bit later in spring, having started a lot from seed.  I want to get some roses, blueberries, lavender, and a few more herbs from plant for starters.  A few weeks ago we planted some of our apple pips, and we have got six sturdy looking seedlings sprouting, so I am crossing my fingers about those working out.

Springtime seed planting is a bit of a ritual in this home, very much centred around the children being able to let their inner mud loving gardener free!!  Our little lady has been diligently planting seeds for years, and has enjoyed it.  Our mad twinnies though have always planted one seed and pottered off in search of more wild adventures.  However, today, they seem to have decided this was fun, and for the first time ever, they will be able to see the results of growing from seed (fingers crossed).  They even helped to delicately transfer the apple seedling into larger pots.  I was really pleased with the help and interest.

So with our springtime seeds planted, our house now resembles a garden centre until the weather warms up!!  Lets hope they survive with three children dashing around…I wonder how many times they will be knocked over?!  Each pot has more than one seed in too, so plenty of gardening to keep us busy in the next few months!

Springtime and seeds gardening with children www.mammasschool.co.uk



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  1. I love the idea that your UK tenant is going to get a surprise when your garden bursts into flower. I should really do some seed planting with my 3 kiddos – I’m the worst gardener ever. I think the opportunity to play with soil would appeal to my messy twins.

  2. Aww I’m umming and ahhing about whether to grow my own again this year as I’ll have a newborn but I think Rosalie will love growing her own xx

    • They do and it is so easy 🙂 It was the sort of think I’d do with my little lady while the twins napped when they were babies

  3. I love Spring and seeing all the colour come back into the garden 🙂

  4. spring is really my favourite time of year – hope they all bloom for you, it will look so pretty!

  5. It looks like you’ve all had so much fun! We love seed planting and especially seeing results when they grow too. Good luck with your seeds I’m sure your garden is going to look beautiful! xx

    • Lol!! I’m embracing wild Swedish with english gardens, as it is too big for me to have beds like I did in the UK, and too rocky as well

  6. Oh I look forward to seeing all your little plants growing, your have to do an update on everything that has grown.

    • I wrote that post a few weeks back, and since then the lounge was resembling a garden centre. I’ve had to bite the bullet and put the pumpkins, melons, rhubarb, beans, peas, and carrots out now. The rest I’ve kept in a little longer. I’m crossing my fingers they survive our mad weather

  7. I am terrible at gardening but wish I was good at it. I love a lovely bright garden! Seed planting sounds like such a fun and interesting activity for kids 🙂 x ps. definitely get a goat haha

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