Solar Ovens and Some…eerrrmmm….Painting!

z105Today we needed to have some light fun and a distraction from yesterday’s events, so I had a couple of things up my sleeve.  First up was the last task that we had to do from Whizz Pop Bang, making a solar oven.  Our little lady set to work with the instructions while I got down to some Mamma jobs.  After she had constructed the oven, she followed the recipe to make the solar biscuit dough, and they are currently cooking in the garden.

z107 z106

After clearing up after that task, I set up for the next one, which was a surprise for all three.  I laid paints out in foil trays in the garden, and a pinned down a big white sheet on the lawn.  I then undressed all three to their undies and let them loose!!  They had a blast putting footprints and hand prints all over the sheet and generally getting covered in paint 🙂  The lawn is now a fairly unique colouring too after their painted footprints padded everywhere over it.

z104 z103 z102Today, the house we’d really like to buy in Sweden went onto the market, so Dadda is now tasked with the responsibility of trying to secure our new family home in a foreign country, as well as getting to grips with his new job, finding a family car, squeezing in some food shopping, and making sure he understands everything about the housing market in the Swedish language 😉 should keep him out of bother for a while!!


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