Self Motivated Self Led Learning


IMG_7498On Sunday morning, I was beavering away making cooked meals, soup, and sorting washing, while the children were all quietly playing.  However, on emerging from her room, it seems our little lady had been undertaking some sort of scientific experiment, complete with write up.  We were very impressed with her deciding to do all this completely through her own initiative.  We assumed she had got hold of the bubble experiment idea from the copy of the children’s science magazine, Whizz Pop Bang, she had in her room.  We also assumed she had received teaching at school in experiment methodology; making predictions and plans, displaying results and patterns, and writing conclusions (after all I had noticed this section in the KS2 science study guide).  Now, we all know, that there is a huge empty space in our children’s brain, where the part “what you did at school today” gets stored, but she did say she had not learnt at school how to write up experiments.  They did a homework STEM project back in the autumn term, and we did a little of this with her, but apparently that is it.  We certainly didn’t do a write up with her to this extent on that project.  So to say we were amazed at this self-initiated recording was an understatement.  That was until we also discovered she had not read anywhere about doing the experiment, the whole idea and route of investigation was hers too. We were gobsmacked.  She had even self-critiqued her work!!


This highlighted what enthusiasm to learn can do for a child.  They take on ideas and concepts you think they haven’t grasped yet, and show a willingness to work and write over playing.  One aim behind our home education learning adventure, was to return her enthusiasm and motivation for learning, and it seems this may well already be working.  Instead of groaning on a Sunday morning at the imposed homework (although from this piece of writing we do need to incorporate more spellings in our learning!), she is now off beavering away at her own ideas and self-motivated learning.  What she wants, when she wants 🙂

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