Science and Spiders.

Today we continued with my New Year’s resolution of exploring further afield.  Our next area to tackle will be the kommun in which we live, the equivalent of a UK county.  Yesterday we headed east along the coast, and today we headed west, through a few snow flurries.  We were headed to the Kreativum Science Center.  This is a very lovely place with discovery zones that cater for all ages.  This is especially important to our family as the twins are just 5, and our little lady is nearly 9, so their understanding and capabilities vary hugely.  In the UK we had a Science Centre not too far from us, and I took our little lady there about 18 months ago.  We had fun, but even then I felt some of it was a little “heavy” for her, and I certainly wouldn’t have contemplated taking my little duo there with their boundless energy and curiosity.  Today was fun though, and all three got a lot out of it.  There are over 170 activities “which open up a world of discovery, helping children to learn more about science and technology.”

I had been doing some mental arithmetic before we left, and had decided I would get a family card that lasted for 12 months (we only need to visit twice for this to have paid for itself).  I also realised that there was no way we’d squeeze everything into one visit (it’s open 1100-1600), as there is so much to do.  Plus throughout the year there are various activities laid on, and a cinema inside a huge globe where you can go on breathtaking expeditions (but this was shut due to reconstruction).  Then there is an outside discovery area too, that is closed until the springtime.  So we NEED to head back many many more times…plus we need to take Dadda to see it too.

So what are some of the things we got up to today?  The day started in a digital/technology area where they made a mini film, worked with green screens, blue screens, and did some quite physical activities using them.  We then went onto the space section, looking through telescopes, learning about density and gravity on different planets, looking at the night sky, and even seeing some asteroids and meteorites.  They enjoyed learning about wind power, and trying various activities that are associated with what mankind has given us.  There are also activities related to the themes of what earth and the human senses give us.  They used large microscopes to view slides of insects.  The boys loved this as they have had microscope envy ever since our little lady got one for Christmas, so they were enthralled by what they were able to see.  Then, when it all got a bit too much for them, they went and chilled out in the giant/oversized Lego section while the little lady pottered around on her own, coming and going as she pleased, not being rushed by their need to get round everything as fast as possible! The floor is all open plan, so as a parent I could give her the space to follow her curiosity whilst managing the twins in another area 🙂 Perfect.

I had also discovered in my pre-visit research, that across the road from the science centre, there was an exotic world, where snakes, spiders, and other creepy crawlies resided.  So, I had planned for us to visit there too.  When we arrived, one of the staff had a snake out of its home, and was happily showing little people, so he chatted to my three in English for a while.  We were able to hold the snake….which I did (first time ever!) in the hope that by me being brave and smiling, the children might feel they could touch it too.  The little lady had quite a good touch of it, and mini man no.2, briefly stroked the snake, but mini man no.1 wasn’t going anywhere near it!!  It was really interesting to see it so close up and get hands on as well.  We were then able to wander around freely and have a good look around.  There were some furry animals on the loose (intentionally) in the next room, and the little lady screamed and nearly jumped out of her skin when she saw them!!  They weren’t really that bothered by us though, even with the screaming, and I was amazed that they were roaming free.  We also saw turtles, mini crocodile, meerkats, tortoises, and birds.  It was really interesting.

We had a really lovely day, and are already looking forward to our return trips 🙂


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