School’s Out!!!


Uh oh……I’ve got my work cut out….first words from my little lady’s mouth to me this morning (today being the last day of her school term), “Mamma, are we doing learning tomorrow?” Well, I suppose reading a trail map and solving clues on an Easter egg hunt is a good start for a Good Friday 😉  She bounced into school armed with a chocolate rabbit for her lovely teacher, and enough sweeties to ensure her class were happy and hyper after school, for her last day.

I have been prepared all day for some tears on leaving.  After all, even though this has been her decision and there is much to look forward too, there are sad parts to ending school, things and people she will miss.  However, she bounced back out of school weighed down with school books to keep, a lovely home made card full of messages, a book as a gift, the usual dirty PE kit, book bag, school bag, and lunch box, as well as anything else she could lay her hands on (She’s a bit of a hoarder!).  Up on a high, off we pottered with her little gang of friends for cake and hot chocolates (gone was the plan of ice creams on the beach due the rather non compliant weather!).  They all shed a tear over the usual arguments and disagreements they tend to have, but still no emotional upset about leaving school.  Everyone was friends (again) by the time we left,and off she trotted to the car….still no tears about leaving.  She is a sensitive and emotional little lady so I shall not sigh with relief yet, but it does seem she has the utmost confidence in her decision to learn at home/out and about, and no regrets about leaving formal education.  She trusts we will help her keep up her friendships and provide her with plenty of new and exciting opportunities.  Much to my surprise she seems to focusing on the future and not on the massive change that today has signalled.

Her uniform has now been divided up between various friends who can get some use out of it all, I think it’s gone in 4 different directions, all labelled with her name.  I have no doubt that she will still be there in spirit at school, haunting the staff as parts of this uniform end up in the lost property!!  She’s enjoyed her time at school, but the last few months have proven that the system is not for her at the moment.  It may well be what she needs or wants in the future, but for now, goodbye school hello learning adventures 🙂

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