Rest, Space and Time

IMG_5610It’s been a busy few days, with quite a bit of travelling around various parts of the country.  Although our children are very good travellers, it does seem to have unsettled our little lady after a run of busy travelling days, followed by a busy day at home.  So things came to a bit of a head yesterday afternoon, after some frustrating fraction maths not helping, when she just became “sad”.  She is a girl that takes her time over everything (especially eating 🙂 ), so if you give her a run of busy time, she does then need time to reset and recalibrate.  She suddenly wasn’t looking like she was up for choir, even though it meant she’d miss out on catching up with one of her best friends, but she couldn’t decide either way, and the alarm bells were ringing in my head, this girl needs to STOP right now.  So instead of dashing off to choir, after very minimal time at home over the last 5 days,  I made the decision for her to stay and play at home, giving her some space and calm.

Our little lady takes her time, explores everything, finds beauty in everything (well maybe not spiders), and daydreams a lot 🙂 So her Mamma day this week had an hour’s country park walk over the road with the dog (so she stretched her legs and filled her lungs with fresh air, but no time was taken up with driving to a destination), and then a day of play, and art and craft.  All arty supplies were put on the kitchen table, and she could just indulge whatever, whenever, throughout the day.  This did mean eating lunch squeezing in between various glues and paints, but then the whole house is gradually being taken over by sand and glitter, so more chaos is just turning into the norm.  It made a difference from the worms, snails, tadpoles and caterpillars (which still are in residence) that have sat on our table watching us munch our meals over the past few weeks! She then set off to Brownies to catch up with her friends and the same best friend from choir, in a much better frame of mind, and hopefully all set for Forest School in the morning……for which the weather is forecast to be…….dry…HOORAY!!!!!

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