Reflecting on the Changes in our Little Lady.

IMG_8222The last few days I have been watching our little lady from the sidelines, noticing changes that have happened since she’s left school.  The luxury of having time on our side (most of the time), has allowed her to take life at her own pace.  This in turn has translated into her being less skittish generally.  She can get more absorbed in what she is doing for longer periods now, and does not shy away from tucking herself away in her room on her own to play imaginative games with her toys.  This is a huge improvement as we used to have to really encourage her to do this, but she actively seeks it out at some point in her day now.  I love watching her take time just be in the moment, whether this is out on a walk, looking at something that has caught her attention, or creating something at home with her craft supplies.  She doesn’t get bored so easily and feel the need to move on or change activity.

IMG_7578So what other changes have there been?  She has increased empathy and patience.  She has learnt to be part of a trio of children better, dealing with conflict in a calmer way, and learning to talk to whoever she feels aggrieved by, saying how it is making her feel.  We still have massive “moments” in this house, but she is learning and the mini men will then learn by her example too.  She is calmer and happier about life in general, with less mood swings, and having more energy and enthusiasm for her day.  As well as playing on her own much better, she is playing as part of a trio better too, slowly but surely realising their opinions and thoughts count as well.  She also falls asleep much better and faster, returning to her old sleeping habits.

I feel she has been learning a few important life lessons during her initial settling in period into home education.  Ways of dealing with people and emotions she wasn’t learning to handle in a conventional classroom environment.


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