Puddle Pirates!

IMG_7419IMG_7418When I first started this blogging adventure to make a record of our home learning journey, I had not envisaged I would be writing most days.  We are doing so much and are so excited, it’s just spilling out, so I hope it’s not all twaddle!  While we waited for the fog to disappear this morning, my little lady and I set about her daily maths and English.  The first big weak area we have hit is multiplication word problem solving, and working out what the question is actually asking of you.  So today we have detoured from the practice book onto some work sheets.  Last night I signed up to twinkl, which is an amazing source of resources, and works out at £3.99 a month.  I have managed to find some more problem solving questions at her level (amongst a lot of other things….I had to drag myself away from mooching around the site), and we are going to stick with those for a few days, until she is more confident.  The workbooks have been brilliant to work through what is required, then when we hit a hiccup, we deviate away to other resources, establishing a better knowledge base for whatever hiccup we came across.  Definitely working at her pace; whizzing through what is easy for her, and sticking with what is hard to grasp until she’s got it.


Our geography topic of world countries was started today as well.  Now geography was one of my weakest subjects at school, so I am hoping to learn much more this time around 🙂 Twinkl came up with some fantastic worksheets to back up our learning, that will involve a lot of pretty creative colouring, a very important criteria in grabbing our little lady’s attention!  We have started by looking at the break up of the UK, before we tackle the continents.  We also involved the twins once we had chatted about that, by getting the globe and finding where we live.  We are also taking it turns to chose another country.  She chose to look at Norway (family background).  So, we then grabbed some books we have in our communal box in the lounge and looked at the weather, animals, general knowledge, and adventures of that country.  All three were enthralled as I read to them from the books, while they enjoyed the pictures.  So, for this chosen topic, the plan is she will do some more grown up learning with me, before we do some chatting and discussing with the twins too, using our own resources such as the globe and books.

IMG_7426She was delighted she could do all this outside in the garden too enjoying the sun on her back.  We are so lucky to have our home jammed between the sea and a country park.  Today we roamed off onto what guaranteed to be a muddy and wet hike after all the rain yesterday.  Hence the gang of the “Puddle Pirates” was born.  They marched and stomped through every puddle, raising arms with sticks, and following the chants of their big sister, for over an hour.  It’s so lovely to finally be able to have her outside again more than she is inside, and enjoying her love of nature.

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