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IMG_9072Since having our gorgeous but very full on twin boys, we’ve held back a bit with what is realistic to achieve with our family, and still stay sane!!  We feel we haven’t done too badly, and considering the double handful we were blessed with, we have still managed to go and do things, and generally return without having lost or injured a child.  However, even though Dadda and I have lots of camping experience between us (and some of that in very basic conditions), it is one activity we have felt beyond us…..until now!!  So it is with a little apprehension, over the past few days, I have been digging our old musty stuff out, and writing lists of what we need.  Last time we went camping, our little lady was 2.5 years old, and it was a purely sunny weekend.  She didn’t do running off, noisy, or being on fast forward all the time, so we coped fine.  Plus the number of children didn’t outnumber the number of adults!  One of the twins still has no whisper mode, and the other one needs the toilet without fail between 0530 and 0630 every morning, so this could still be a very interesting experience for everyone else on the campsite.  However, with the RSPB promoting a camping in the wild weekend at the end of July, we are going to try and do a little camping in the less wild (minimum having a loo block) that weekend.  Having discovered the tent isn’t mouldy, or got an army of spiders in it, despite being packed away in a garage for 6 years, and is indeed large enough (2 sleeping compartments for 3 people…we went one end, and Jack the dog the other!), I was feeling the first flutters of excitement that we might actually do this.  I have checked our sleeping bags, and done a big online shop for children’s sleeping bags, lanterns, roll mats, and a more up to date gas cooker that won’t wobble over.  I still think we might be slightly bonkers and the fellow campers might hate us by morning, but the children will revel in the experience and are desperate to give it  go!

IMG_9071 IMG_9067

So, with a slight pong of mustiness about me, after sorting camping gear out, my little lady and I set off to enjoy the day and the sunshine down on the beach (which was remarkably unwindy today!).  Then tonight was another big first for us….the twins had their first swim lesson!!  Never before has watching a swim lesson been so exhausting!  They were so giddy and hyper, that in the end the instructor had to get them out to give them a firm chat, but it was all excitement that they were finally being able to do something like their big sister.  I think the instructor needed a stiff drink afterwards too!  They did both come out with their Puffin award though 🙂  They are gorgeous mini men, but they don’t half have some energy and excitement about life, and move very fast!!!

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  1. I can see so much of my boys in your boys. Now mine are six they haven’t really calmed down but are easier to bribe 🙂 Swim lessons for us were full on for us too but a treat for good behaviour after the lesson worked ok. Apart from the days when one was too naughty to get the treat and he’d scream like crazy as I needed them to get changed. Then the crying would rub off on the other two kids and I’d end up dragging 3 to the car in need of a drink. Good for you for doing it though. I’m sure they’ll love camping too! Remember to pack wine!

    1. Post

      oh that is never far from my grasp!!! Hot chocolate and that are always topped up. It’s good to hear about your adventures over in Oz and that everything’s worked out for you 🙂 xxx

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