Planning Our Nature Curriculum.

z110As a family we pride ourselves with the lack of general clutter we accumulate.  Our loft space just has empty boxes, suitcases, and decorations in, and our garage just has camping, gardening, and bikes etc in.  So, with this move we didn’t feel that there would be too many trips to the tip.  However, I am quickly coming to the realisation this move may redefine my body shape into that resembling a weight lifter!!  we have a lot of flat boxes we have stored from our last move, that will not be strong enough for this move (each box needs a lot of strength to allow it to be stacked upon to the maximum height of the lorry, but they will be like that for around 5 days or so too, so you don’t want the bottom boxes collapsing under the pressure.  So, I had a lot of boxes to remove to the tip.  Plus the gardening rubbish is becoming very heavy as I now start emptying out all the temporary things growing, such as seasonal plants, vegetables, and fruits.  I find this very heavy as I am guilty of filling the bag 1/2 my height, full every time!!  There are many more of these bags to go as well, due to the busy nature of our garden 🙂  This is all before I start the heavy work of loading and moving boxes around.  After all that sweaty heavy work we headed to the beach for a bit of a break and enjoy the lovely sunshine again.

September is rapidly approaching and I needed to make a start on looking at the first few weeks of the nature curriculum we want to follow for a year from Sept.1st.  The curriculum handbook is fantastic.  It provides an equipment/supplies list at the start of each season so you can source what you might need, and then it goes through the weeks in more depth.  It has a nature walk activity, the theory behind the subject, book lists so you can order them from the library, a suggested poem, a suggested piece of artwork to look at, discuss, and enjoy, and some extension activity suggestions.  For example, making a piece of artwork or writing a story.  So I have started noting down what we need and planned what we will be doing in the first week of September.  The topic is seeds, so lots of scope in that one.

While I was immersed in trying not to let my papers blow all round the beach, our little little lady was once again found to be hunting around the spit expanding her collection of beach finds, and also she returned back with litter she had found.  She was worried it would harm the sea life when the tide returned back in, so she headed off to the bin with it.  I thought that was very thoughtful, and something that hadn’t happened before.  Everyone enjoyed a long sunny day on the beach playing, swimming, and bodyboarding, even without their lunches…..big Mamma fail of the day was leaving the children’s food on the kitchen side (managed to take mine but no cutlery!).  So they all enjoyed hot dogs from the little Shack, and I put the emergency spoon to use!!

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