Outdoor Based Learning – Wind, Sun, and Sea.

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Determined to enjoy what promised to be the first in a run of a few days of good weather, I packed us all up to head to the beach after mini man number one’s speech an language session.  My trio love being outdoors, and to now have the flexibility to do outdoor based learning is so nice.  It was VERY windy, but how many children do their maths with shingle holding their pages down!  The boys were very receptive today as well.  They love learning their letters and numbers verbally, but have always been less keen with pens…even just colouring and drawing.  Mini man number one has recently been a lot more enthusiastic and today he was very keen to practice writing his letter shapes.  Mini man number 2 has suddenly become very attached to a multi coloured biro pen from that shop (that ruins mum’s bank accounts) called smiggle.  All I can say is, if it gets him wanting to investigate putting pen to paper, that’s fine with me.  So quite a lot of learning done compared to some days when we are at home.  The boys did their letters, numbers, and some stories too.  Outdoor based learning seems to be a success even using workbooks as we did today.  Other days are without the workbooks, but either way outdoor based learning engages my trio.  They are definitely not made for conventional educational methods and sitting still!

We did some very unsuccessful crabbing, not one crab found, but one large splash from a daughter falling off her perch into the sea (fully dressed)-oh so very hard not to roar with laughter!  Lots of barefoot running was done in the muddy sand once the tide had retreated, which seems to be gathering momentum as a favourite pastime, going barefoot.  This is good for children (less good for grown ups who are thinking of all the cons) as it connects them more to nature.

After returning home, it was time to get the social life back into action again, and we went to pick up one of our little lady’s school friends.  She does seem to be content at the moment to do whatever we are doing during the day, then seeing her friends through play dates, dancing, brownies, and choir in the week.  It does seem to be satiating her currently, but I am working hard at it to make sure there isn’t a void of contact.  Now I am busy planning a day trip to a farm for tomorrow as all three are keen to go, and the weather looks glorious.  The boys are still too young to remember they have been in the past, and I love that our little lady has such a passion for animals and nature, that she does not view this as an activity that is too young for her (having been for at least once a year for the past 7!), but an activity where she can get up, close, and personal with nature, and learn about the animals and their care more.

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