Our Home Education Journey will Continue.

IMG_9206We’ve made the decision to go to Sweden and grab the opportunity with everything we have, and the “to do lists” start to get longer!!  In amongst all this are our three little people and what happens to their home education journey, does it just stop?  NO!!!!!  In an earlier blog I had mentioned about following “Exploring Nature with children”, a year long complete curriculum.  I fully intend on still doing this.  It will be exciting, and help us get more familiar with the nature and places to visit in an unfamiliar country.  We will use it to guide our exploring, and our nature journals will document it all.

IMG_9204Then there is the fact that I will still plug away at her English and Maths (for very short time frames a day, much like now), for very similar reasons to why we do it the way we do now….so she, and eventually they, could reintegrate easier if required.  The same goes for the mini men’s reading, writing, English, and counting too.  I had already decided to keep it all ticking over throughout the summer anyway.  Our little lady seems to be one of those people that does better keeping the skills running and the brain exercised, rather than a total break from it all.  It’s not exactly a lot we do anyway, and certainly not everyday!!

We need to bear in mind that children learn all the time, soaking things up like a sponge.  I have enjoyed finding creative ways to help my trio learn, and taking them on adventures.  With school finishing at 1330hrs, there will be ample opportunity for me to carry on doing this.

IMG_9207So, bearing that in mind, I am looking at our little lady’s entry into the Swedish education system as flexi-learning….a bit of school combined with home education. The best of both worlds, especially being in an education system we support, i.e. outdoors whatever the weather, and a system that prioritises that children should be enjoying their learning experience.  Therefore, I certainly do think my role as a home educator will continue, and at the very least I will be broadening my children’s horizons by immersing them in a foreign country and culture…that’s a reason for home education alone…broadening their horizons, giving them different experiences, and not letting them be part of a sausage factory process 🙂  It will all have the added ingredient of immigration though to spice it up!!

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