On your marks, get set, go….slowly!

  1. IMG_7789The children were keen to do baking today, and with mini man no.1 having speech and language therapy as well, we decided to stay home based.  Having a dog means getting out for fresh air everyday with him, and so we decided to use his walk to collect snails and achieve the National Trust task of having a snail race.  You do need to set aside plenty of time for this one, and not set the race course too long-our mistake which got corrected pretty fast!  They set off in all different directions (bit like my trio) so the children used juicy leaves to tempt them forward (and a brightly dressed baby doll seemed to work well too).  Mini man no 2’s snail won, and despite not wanting to touch it earlier, he was now engrossed in examining its every detail and turning it around in his little inquisitive hands.  This is job done in my eyes for me, when I get mini man no.2 to get his hands involved with nature and mini beasts, as he likes to keep them very clean.

IMG_7783 IMG_7787

The baking went down very well too.  We don’t usually use the pre prepared packets of children’s cake mixtures, but when shopping for food colouring yesterday for our volcano experiment, they all decided this would be a great idea.  So into the trolley went three different boxes…spiderman, princesses, and minions.  When we home bake I usually just divide a recipe by 3 so everyone gets to mix a batch without flooding the house with cakes, but when 1 pack uses only 1 egg, you can’t really split that too well.  So now we have a proliferation of mini cakes, made by mini people!!  Fun all round, and if you meet us in the next few days, don’t be surprised if you are force fed a cake 🙂

IMG_7780 IMG_7790 IMG_7794

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