Not Back to School!

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Today it felt like we were bunking!  It was the start of the new term, and with all three due to be in school this September, it was probably the strangest I’ve felt since we started our home education journey in April.  I’m not sure all the sympathetic heartfelt enquiries while I was doing the weekly shop with three live wires helped….”aren’t they back at school yet?”  They weren’t by any means judgemental, it just reminded me that we were doing things differently, good differently.  So, in order to take some of the focus away from that, we started on our Nature Curriculum.  Today, after lunch, we all sat on our largest sofa and chatted away about the weekly topic – seeds and fruit.  More specifically seed dispersal.  We discussed about how seeds dispersed, and whilst our little lady was participating more in the discussion, the boys were very keen listeners.  We then read the story The Tiny Seed by Eric Carle, and a poem called “September”.  After this lovely relaxing, quiet, and cosy time, we headed off with our nature journals for a walk.

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The aim behind the walk was to chatter about different seeds and fruits, and to find examples of them.  We wanted to collect seeds to make a collage with later in the week, as the crafty bit for this week, and then also sit and do some drawing in our nature journals of what we could see on the walk.  They all enjoyed blowing the light fluffy seeds off into the wind, and were fascinated by the seeds transported by animals digestive systems, of which we narrowly missed some very good examples 🙂 We all found it amusing thinking about squirrels stashing acorns for the winter, then forgetting about them, and so they sprouted in the springtime, and on our return home we foraged around in the garden for plants that dispersed their own seeds like a pepper pot shaker.  The children enjoyed listening to these dead flower heads rattling.  We weren’t near a body of water today, so we didn’t see any buoyant seeds being swept along, but we did discuss them.  I knew our little lady was into her nature journal as we’d done it before, but this was the first outing for the mini mens.  They surprised me by really trying to draw what they were seeing, sitting in the afternoon sun on a hilltop.  It was really lovely and relaxing.  Although I wrote next to their drawings what they were, so they can use them to look back on 🙂

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z175We made a good start and enjoyed what we did today, and I really appreciated getting out of the house and the chaos of trying to get ready to fly to Sweden tomorrow and looking at house floorplans.  The other parts of this weeks curriculum will have to wait until after I return, but we are looking forward to doing them.  It seemed instantly to make us all go slower, it was calming, it was good bonding time, and it made is really appreciate our surroundings and what was going on in nature now the seasons are beginning to turn.  I think we are going to enjoy doing this curriculum a lot.


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