National Trust’s 50 things to do before you’re 11 3/4


One of our favourite things to help us decide what to do in nature, is The National Trust’s list of 50 things to do before you are 11 3/4.  Although we have followed the National Trust’s ideas before and achieved some of them, on a recent trip to Studland I purchased a book (rather than the free pamphlet) for the children to fill out as they did the missions.  The free posters also comes with free stickers to put in your book once you have completed the task.  There are puzzles, quiz’s, colouring, tips, and space for your own observations and notes.

IMG_7598You can find the list at and you can print off the list to use at home.  The list is divided up into a few sub sets:  Adventurer tasks, discoverer tasks, ranger tasks, tracker tasks, and explorer tasks.  They range from the very achievable, to needing to be slightly more organised an involved.  For instance, ones which take very little thinking about are things such as climbing  a tree, rolling down a hill, running around in the rain, flying a kite, and playing pooh sticks.  Some more involved ones include learning to ride a horse, find your way with a map and compass, canoe down a river, and building a raft.  Some are seasonal such as playing conkers, picking wild blackberries, and finding frog spawn.

IMG_7599I thoroughly recommend using this list though as a starting place for exploring nature with your little ones, and it is quite inspiring.  My three love their books, love scribbling (mini men) and writing notes (the little lady).





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