Moving Update No.2 and Minibeasts Continued.

z228It’s been a very exciting 24 hours where huge progress has been made (although I think Dadda is a bit preoccupied with the falling exchange rates to be as giddy as us at the moment, with trying to move our house money over to a swedish bank account).  Last night we finally (although I was sad to do it) sold our van, which means Dadda can now look for cars in Sweden so we can be picked up from the airport.  We have also booked a hut to stay in for 2 weeks, right up until our furniture arrives (so 2 days after we get our home), but there will be no need for me to pack plates, cutlery, bowls, cups, and sleeping bags to camp out there (in much needed suitcase space).  The final piece for today’s puzzle was booking our four flights which were done by the end of the day, and a minibus to get us to the airport!  I think one of my biggest challenges will be getting four suitcases, three car seats, 4 sets of hand luggage, and all three children from the taxi drop off to check in, and from baggage reclaim into the arrivals hall…..I will certainly be leaving a trail of destruction.

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z223We did continue with our mini beast theme amongst all this excitement.  We made mini beasts out of Plasticine, which all three enjoyed, although the boys efforts quickly turned into making roads and bridges for their cars.  This was one of the extension activities from the week’s ideas from the nature curriculum.  We also did an activity from our nature in a nutshell book, but it involved our very uninterested ants again. I’m using the excuse that science is only done properly if it doesn’t always go to plan!  Today we were looking at whether ants know the difference between artificial sweeteners and sugar.  We diligently mixed a sugar solution, and an artificial sweetener solution, to see which one the ants preferred and laid them out next to where I know the little ants live.  Well, they took a stroll around the solutions, danced in the paving cracks, and pottered in circles around each other, but not one, not one, showed an interest in either solution!  So we had a little natter about the hypothesis of what we thought should happen (seems to be a recurring theme where ants are involved!).  The idea was that ants know the difference between real sugar and artificial sugar, and would head directly to the real sugar solution.  They like this because it contains natural compounds that they eat, not chemical compounds that are developed in laboratories.  So hey ho, I’ll leave it on the patio for the bees and the butterflies if the ants are going to be such an uncooperative bunch of grumps!!

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